About Our Staff

Our La Jolla, San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Dr. Tom Pousti and his San Diego Cosmetic Surgery staff (click here to meet the staff) are dedicated to providing you with the finest possible medical services.

A complete range of cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgical procedures are available in a state-of-the-art surgical facilitiy. Dr. Pousti and our office staff keep up to date with the most advanced procedures today. We have many patients who have undergone massive weight loss and come in for “body make-overs”. There are certain steps you should take before your consultation and after your consultation with La Jolla Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tom Pousti.

In appreciation of our United States military servicemen and women, Dr. Pousti has recently announced a reduction of his surgeon’s fee to all military personnel and their immediate family members for most cosmetic surgery procedures.


Dr. Tom Pousti performs all surgical procedures and provides your postoperative care with the support of a highly trained staff for surgical assistance, nursing care, anesthesia and recovery. How should you choose your Plastic Surgeon?

Many of our patients are from the La Jolla area and so we have opened a La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery office for La Jolla patients to be able to meet with Dr. Pousti and discuss the procedures that they are interested in.

Dr. Pousti also has an office to serve the needs of Cosmetic Surgery patients in Temecula and Murrieta as well as patients from Riverside, the Inland Empire and Palm Springs.


When you meet with Dr. Tom Pousti for the first time, he will carefully examine you and will go over all aspects of the surgery.

He will ask you about your expectations, and by using an extensive library of “before” and “after” photographs of previous patients, will explain what can and cannot be done. He will encourage you to speak with patients who have undergone the same procedure you are considering. ASK QUESTIONS! Before you can make an informed decision to undergo surgery, you must feel comfortable and confident. If you and the doctor agree that surgery will benefit you, you can begin to plan for the operation.

Our La Jolla, San Diego and Temecula/Murrieta offices offer different financing options for our patients.

Meet Our Staff

vanessa Vanessa (Office Manager)I have been with Pousti Plastic Surgery for about 9 years and I have enjoyed every moment. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to help people and work in the medical field. Working with our patients and experiencing their joy after surgery makes me love what I do.

daisy Daisy (Medical Assistant)My name is Daisy. I started working here after I finished my externship (about 5 years ago). I asked my extern coordinator to send me to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I was thrilled to know that I was coming to Dr. Pousti (a double board certified Plastic Surgeon). Plastic surgery is a field that really sparked my interest. This is a wonderful and exciting office. I enjoy being here and what we experience here.

melissa2 Melissa (Front Office) I have been working with Pousti Plastic Surgery for almost 2 years and I love it.We are like a big happy family and it’s always fun to be here.

Helen2 Helen (Front Office) I have been with Pousti Plastic Surgery for almost a year now and love being here. The atmosphere here is so friendly and warm.

charmain Charmaine(Back Office) I started working for Dr. Pousti a little over two years ago and feel very fortunate to work for Dr. Pousti. I think he is an amazing plastic surgeon and a very giving person.
Anna (Medical Assistant) I started my externship here with Dr. Pousti about a year ago. I’ve enjoyed working with Dr. Pousti and all the wonderful patient’s here.
cindy Cindy (Back Office) I have been working with Pousti Plastic Surgery for almost a year now. I’m married and I have two beautiful daughters. I’m very fortunate to be able to work for Dr. Pousti, as I feel like I’m part of his family.