5 Steps to Beautiful Breast Enhancement

5 Steps to Beautiful Breast Enhancement

La Jolla / San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Tom Pousti Talks About Steps to Beautiful Breast Enhancement



You will meet with Dr. Pousti for a private consultation. You will discuss your goals with Dr. Pousti. Dr. Pousti will discuss options, risks, benefits and possible complications of different surgical procedures with you. Questions regarding optimal timing of surgery and typical post-operative care issues will be addressed.




Dr. Pousti will examine you and advise you accordingly. He will let you know if you are a good candidate for surgery and if he can achieve your goals. Questions such as placement of incisions, expected scarring, choices of implants and your specific concerns will be addressed.



Dr. Pousti will review several albums of pre-and post operative patient’s pictures with you. He wants to have a full understanding of your desired result and pictures aid in this communication. He encourages you to bring in pictures from magazines or off of the internet to assist in this communication. He is interested in what you like as well as what you don’t like. Sometimes it requires several office visits for Dr. Pousti to have a clear three dimensional understanding of your goals. Dr. Pousti creates a “portfolio” of pictures that he takes to the operating room on the day of the surgery.

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By the day of surgery, Dr. Pousti hopes that you will feel comfortable knowing that he has a good understanding of your goals. Some anxiety, as well as excitement, is to be expected. Dr. Pousti performs the surgery in a fully licensed surgicenter with a compliment of caring nurses and board certified anesthesiologists. Dr. Pousti is with you as you go to sleep and as you wake up.

During the procedure, Dr. Pousti uses temporary “sizers” to assist in selecting the appropriate implants. He uses every technique available to avoid complications such as infection, bleeding, scarring and loss of nipple-areola sensation. You will receive medications (antibiotics and anti-nausea) intravenously during the operation. Dr. Pousti will sit you upright several times during the procedure. This allows Dr. Pousti to assess factors such as size, symmetry and appropriate implant placement. At this point, Dr. Pousti will review your pre-op photographs and your picture “portfolio” to select the appropriate sized implants.



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You will receive your initial care in the recovery room. Most patients wake up with minimal to no discomfort because of the use of local and IV pain medications given during the operation. You will be allowed to go home with a caretaker who should remain with you for the first 24 hours. You will need to take pain medications and antibiotics for at least 3 days. Sometimes, muscle relaxants and anti-nausea medications are also necessary. We ask that you start with light foods and take the medications on a full stomach. We also ask that you avoid any lifting and keep the surgical bra on until your follow up appointment. Dr. Pousti or his staff will call you to see how you are feeling and will ask to see you in the office 1-2 days afterwards. Dr. Pousti is available 24 hours a day to address any questions or concerns. Sutures are usually removed 5-7 days after surgery. After the sutures are removed, you will be able to shower and will be instructed on any necessary “exercises.”

Most patients require 1 week off of work and are asked not to drive for about 10 days after the operation. Dr. Pousti and his staff will see you frequently for the first few months after surgery and then on a yearly basis.