Case Number 5555: Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

This 17 year old patient had been interested in an ear surgery for several years. She was unhappy with the way her ears pointed outwards. She is now 1 month 1 week bilateral otoplasty surgery and is in love with her results.
Patient Testimonial: 
"Growing up with prominent ears that stuck out made school difficult for me as a kid. I remember being 8 years old wanting to get my ears pinned with Otoplasty due to bullying and teasing. I was never confident and never wore my hair up into public - I felt ashamed of my ears because they didn't look "normal." Nearly 9 years later I got the opportunity to meet with Doctor Pousti and his staff. I was immediately welcomed into their team and there was never a moment when I doubted the team or my decision on wanting Otoplasty. The staff is so genuine and kind; they made me feel cared for. 3 months after meeting with everyone it was time for my operation. I met with my anesthesiologist and other nurses as well that would be with me through my surgery. Overall, I was nervous for the procedure, but not once nervous about Doctor Pousti and his staff. Finally it was time for the surgery and Doctor Pousti held my hand as I went under (a simple yet kind gesture that I won't forget about this surgery) and before I knew it I was awake. The staff tended to my needs and within 20 minutes I was on my way home. My ears were wrapped in bandages for 5 days and surprisingly it was really comfortable! Of course there was some pain but it was very minimal. On the 5th day I went back to the office to get my bandages off. When they were unwrapped and I first looked into the mirror, I had so many emotions going through my mind but I knew once I saw my new ears, that I loved them. I could've cried right there in the office but I didn't want to seem like a baby. After 9 years of wanting to get Otoplasty, I finally received the operation, and I couldn't be more happier with my results. The best part? They look natural! I now wear my hair tied back and in hairstyles I didn't feel confident with before my surgery. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I thank Doctor Pousti and his team. A wonderful surgeon and a wonderful person. It's been nearly 2 weeks and I feel no pain at all. I sleep comfortably and wake up confident. Thank you again, to everyone, for making me feel beautiful"