Gender Reassignment San Diego

San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Tom Pousti Talks About Gender Reassignment Surgery

The Surgical Procedure

The procedure could be breast augmentation, laser hair removal, CO2 laser skin resurfacing, laser tattoo removal and more. Dr. Pousti would be happy to discuss which options would work best for you.

What To Expect After Surgery

The expectations after surgery depend on what surgery is performed. Normally, after a procedure in which a patient is put under general anesthesia, there is recovery time. Pain and/or nausea may be associated with certain procedures (which you will be given medication for). After certain procedures, there is minimal pain and/or recovery time.

Resumption of Physical Activity

Again, depending on what procedures are performed, the recovery time will vary.


I am a long time patient of Dr. Pousti’s. When I first went to see him, I was very nervous. At the time I was just beginning my gender transition from male to female. I’m an older (50’s) transsexual woman, but was not yet living full time as a female. So I went there as a male wanting a feminizing tummy tuck. I had no idea how I would be treated by him, or his office staff. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. Not only Dr. Pousti, but his entire staff made sure I was comfortable, and treated me with respect.

I had many questions, and he patiently answered them with clear and concise information. As we were finishing, he asked me if I wanted to meet another transsexual woman who was there for a post-op follow up exam. Of course I did, and we talked until the office closed. Her surgeries included both a tummy tuck, and breast implants. She was very happy with the results, and highly recommended Dr. Pousti.

At that point, I scheduled my tummy tuck surgery for mid summer. The time passed quickly and soon I was at the hospital. Even the hospital staff talked about how good Dr. Pousti’s results are, and what a great person he is. Just before surgery, he came in and we talked for a few moments, and this really helped to put me at ease. My surgery went very well, and the pain was manageable. As time went on my results were fantastic.

Not only is Dr. Pousti a highly skilled professional, but his compassion for transsexual women made the experience incredibly comfortable. My girlfriend (a post-op TS woman also) even came down from Northern Los Angeles to have her breast implants done with him recently. She is thrilled with her results so far. If you are going through transition, you will not find a better, or more sympathetic group of professionals anywhere. I have now completed my transition from male to female (over one year post-op from gender reassignment surgery), and preparing to have Dr. Pousti do my breast implants. He is the one doctor I have complete trust in to do the right thing by his patients.