Belly Buttons after Abdominoplasty Surgery

When patients are considering tummy tuck surgery, one of their main concern is how their new belly button will look.  Will it look normal? Will it have scarring?

Dr. Pousti is a double board certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who has performed hundreds of tummy tuck surgeries with beautiful results.  The umbilicus (belly button) is detatched from the external abdominal skin because that excess skin and adipose tissue will be removed in the surgical process.  Once, Dr. Pousti is in the operating room and is performing the abdominoplasty surgery, he will suture the abdominal muscles that have separated together and remove the excess skin and adipose tissue of the abdominal area.  Once this is completed, he then brings the umbilicus out through the skin in the correct area of the abdomen.

belly_button1.jpg belly_button11.jpg
belly_button2.jpg belly_button22.jpg
steele-bellybutton-pre.jpg steele-bellybutton-post.jpg