Alloderm San Diego


AlloDerm is an acellular dermal matrix derived from donated human skin tissue. Since AlloDerm is regarded as minimally processed and not significantly changed in structure from the natural material, the FDA has classified it as banked human tissue.

AlloDerm is made from donated human skin. It is handled in much the same way as other transplantable organs. The tissue is processed to remove cells that might cause your body to reject the foreign tissue or react negatively to it. What’s left is the collagen structure (fiber-like proteins) and other proteins naturally found in skin. This structure acts as a frame for your tissue to grow into and around.

AlloDerm comes in many sizes depending on what kind of coverage you will need.


4 x 12cm piece of AlloDerm

12 x 12cm piece of AlloDerm

After your consultation, if Dr. Pousti decides that AlloDerm would assist in your reconstruction, he will discuss the procedure in detail and go over all of the potential risks and complications associated with the procedure.

Dr. Pousti has used AlloDerm for several patients with wonderful results.


This patient has had trauma to the pectoral muscle and needed a large piece of AlloDerm for coverage.

Before Revisionary Surgery.

Days after Revisionary Surgery with AlloDerm.

Another patient needed to use AlloDerm to get better coverage due
to the fact that the implant was very close to the surface.


As seen here, the implant is dangerously close to the surface on the right side.

alloderm7.jpg alloderm8.jpg
This patient is extremely happy with her results.

Since Dr. Pousti is an expert in AlloDerm use for breast reconstruction, many women from around the country choose to fly to San Diego to obtain his services. If you are not from the La Jolla or San Diego area, please visit Fly in for Surgery to learn more about our out-of-town accommodations and scheduling information.

If you live in La Jolla, San Diego or Temecula/Murrieta Valley and you would like more information or to schedule a consultation , please call our offices at (619) 466-8851,
(858) 454-6888 or (951) 501-9822.

Resumption Of Physical Activities

Driving may be resumed in 1-2 weeks.
Non-contact sports in 3 weeks.
Contact sports in 6 weeks.


Hi to Dr. Pousti and Staff :) I could go on and on, but I tried to make this testimonial as concise as possible for future patients. First let me thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!! Thank you for caring the way that you have :)

I’m writing this for anyone considering breast augmentation surgery, or anyone who is coming to Dr. Pousti for revision surgery. I moved to San Diego in August of ‘06 and new that finding a doctor to do my revision surgery was a main priority for me. I had lived with a previous complication for two years with increasing difficulty as it kept getting worse and worse. The hardest part of the process for me was learning to trust a surgeon again after my past experience. I’m 23 and had already had two surgeries, and the amount of emotional stress I had for the past two+ years had worn me down. I found Dr. Pousti online and came in for a consultation within a couple weeks of moving here. After meeting with him, looking at pictures online, and reading patients testimonials, I knew he was the man for me!! (Not to mention his wonderful staff)
I had a pretty serious/complicated issue (take a look at the before and after pics!) I was pretty much hopeless that I would ever be anything but deformed… and yet Dr. Pousti. didn’t turn me away, instead he worked with me and did research on new techniques in breast revision surgery using AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue. He went out of his way to help me, and treated me like and individual person instead of a paying customer. I will be forever grateful for the extra effort he put into my case :) It’s now Feb ‘07 and I am more than a month out of surgery, the revision surgery went better than I could ever have imagined. He did an amazing job!!
One thing I would like to add because I think it is a common misconception with female patients, is about male surgeons. I know that after having a male doctor for my first two surgeries I was frustrated because I felt like men didn’t take the time to listen to me, and (with my young appearance) treated me like a child. So before meeting Pousti I had consulted with a female surgeon in the area thinking maybe that was the answer… I was wrong, she was actually worse than my previous surgeon, and made assumptions about what I wanted and didn’t want without asking me. In short, It’s not about a male doctor or a female doctor, it’s about the person.
I would strongly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery, honestly he is a very talented surgeon. If you are consulting with him because you are facing a revisionary surgery, he is someone you can trust, he’s completely honest, and he really does care about his patients. Best of luck with your future surgery :)

Dr. Pousti and Staff,

After suffering a serious injury to my pectoral muscle, I found myself in need of surgery and recognized after evaluation by several other plastic surgeons, that my case would be difficult with an unpredictable outcome. I began to search for the doctor to be found that is the best to do the repair- I finally located you after extensive research. Your familiarity of the use of AlloDerm as your replacement tissue and your amazing artistic ability has truly been my saving grace. My “revisionary” surgery has proven far superior and much more beautiful than my original augmentation. I wish I had found you years ago for the original implants, but I feel blessed to have you now. My trip from Arkansas was so worth while! Wonderful staff- Awesome you!

S. O.

I am the significant other of this patient (above). I would like to express my sincere thank you for such a great job. The original augmentation was less than satisfactory and the injury sustained was drastic, as you well know and the results of your work outshine that tremendously. She is very happy and as a result has a much better outlook regarding her appearance.. She was always great to me regardless and still is. I thank you once again for your skill and judgment in regards to sizing, shape, etc. I feel that you have captured the perfect essence of her femininity with your work, I am sure in the month to come as she heals that your work will only become better as well.. once again thank you for your time, patience, skill, and personal attention to her when she first contacted your office and staff. At the very beginning she was so distraught and after talking to everyone there became much more relaxed and assured that she was in good hands.