Revisionary Breast Lifting

Revisionary Breast Lifting

Revisionary Breast Lifting

If the first breast lifting surgery does not accomplish what the patient was wishing to achieve, a revisionary breast lifting procedure may be performed.

The Surgical Procedure

The operation takes between three to four hours.

What To Expect After Surgery

Pain is rarely strong, more commonly being a degree of discomfort. Swelling occurs but usually begins to subside by the third or fourth day. Some degree of swelling may persist for longer periods. A well-fitted bra is worn day and night for three weeks. While there is probably seldom interference with future breast feeding, women are cautioned that it may not be possible to breast feed in the future.

Resumption Of Physical Activities

Driving may be resumed in 2 weeks.
Non-contact sports in 3 weeks.
Contact sports in 6 weeks.
Sexual activity in 2 weeks.