Necklift San Diego

San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Tom Pousti Talks About Neck Lift

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Frequently Asked Questions


A neck lift is usually part of a facelift but may be performed alone. The repair of the plasma muscles helps redefine the neck.

The Surgical Procedure

The surgery of the neck is reached through incisions around the ears and through tiny incisions under the chin. When there is a good deal of extra skin, it needs to be removed as part of the lift. This placement of the incisions permits hiding the scars behind the ears.

What To Expect After Surgery

There is some degree of swelling and possibly bruising in most patients but usually very little in the way of pain or discomfort. Swelling is mostly resolved in two to three weeks, but some swelling will persist. Most patients are quite “presentable” within one to two weeks.

Resumption of Physical Activity

For the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours, you will mostly be at bed rest. For the first week you should plan on remaining relatively at rest at home. After that you may be up and about the house but not outside except for your office visits. The second and third week is a time where gradual resumption of physical activity takes place. No sports or exercise is allowed at this period of time but, if you feel up to it, your may go out to a movie, for an easy walk, a casual dinner, etc. After three weeks gradual resumption of any athletic activity you are comfortable with is allowed.