Labial Reduction Pre-op and Post-op Instructions


1. Someone must be with you at all times for the initial 24 hours following surgery.

2. Apply ice to the area for 7 days following surgery. This will help minimize swelling.

3. We ask you to remain in bed for the first week. Shuffle to and from the restroom when needed.

4. Take medications as instructed. The Keflex (antibiotic) must be taken every eight hours until completed. Please take the Diflucan approximately four hours after returning from surgery center. This medication will prevent yeast infections.

5. You may begin showering four days after surgery. You may use water and mild soap. Please keep area clean and dry at all times.

6. We ask that for the first six weeks you do not involve yourself in any strenuous activities, such as running, dancing, swimming, etc.

7. No sexual intercourse for the first six weeks after surgery.

8. No tampons for the first six weeks after surgery.

9. You will be unable to drive for approximately 2 weeks after surgery.

10. Keep pillow under buttocks to reduce swelling.