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An awesome physician and a professional staff – Rachel?- Dec 14, 2007

I came to Dr. Pousti a year ago to inquire about a tummy tuck and a breast lift/augmentation. After 4 children my breasts had lost most of their volume and were saggy. I also had sagging skin on my stomach from carrying 4 large babies. I wanted to return my figure back to its pre-baby state. I had all 3 procedures done in April of 2007 and couldn’t be happier! I feel like my old self. My breasts look better than I imagined they ever could and I have a cute little belly button again! Dr. Pousti and his staff are extremely professional and very attentive. My questions and concerned were always answered. One concern I had while looking for a surgeon was after-care. Dr. Pousti saw me at regular intervals after the surgery to ensure that I was healing properly. This made recovery so much better. I wasn’t worried and was able to relax because I was seen often by the doctor. If you are someone that is looking for a great person as well as a great doctor than look no more! I highly recommend this doctor and this office.

Fantastic Doctor – rosie- Nov 26, 2007

Dr Pousti and his staff are very professional and I couldn’t have asked for a more. You are made to feel welcome from the moment you walk in to his office. Dr. Pousti gave me back my body after 5 children and now I look and feel great. I would highly recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon.

The BEST! – Gale – Nov 26, 2007

Dr. Pousti and his staff are the Best! I have had several procedures with Dr. Pousti. He work is amazing! Dr. Pousti and his staff will make you feel so comfortable and at ease. I’m thankful everyday for Dr. Pousti and his staff, they have made a wonderful change in my life. I highly recommend Dr. Pousti for all cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Pousti is Amazing!!!! – Nov 26, 2007

Dr. Pousti performed a breast lift and augmentation on me that put my body back to where it was before I had three children. His office staff is super sweet and Dr. Pousti couldn’t be easier to talk to. You won’t regret your decision to work with this team!!!

WOW!!! – Native – Nov 25, 2007

After LOTS of research and consultations, visiting with Dr. Pousti and his staff was like coming home. What a superb job they do from the first office visit through the surgery and follow ups. My breast augmentation turned out wonderfully. Dr. Pousti doesn’t ask you what size you want….it’s not McDonalds…He has you create the ideal contour and proportions with him, then he makes it happen. Magical results!! Dr. Pousti and his staff are so genuinely caring and accomodating as they help through the process….I was cared for as a whole person. :)

Dr. Pousti is the best plastic surgeon!- catchmissys – Nov 23, 2007

If you’ve ever seen Dr. 90210 on TV, you’ll be happy to know Dr. Pousti and his staff will give you a much better experience than those poor women who go to clinics in Beverly Hills. You know how they wake up crying and in pain? That won’t happen to you with Dr. Pousti. My surgery was pain free, I had no nausea, and my results were far beyond what I’d hoped for. I wanted the best doctor possible because I felt I deserved that. I had never had cosmetic surgery and was apprehensive. My husband and I did a lot of research and when we met with Dr. Pousti we felt very confident in him. His offices are lovely and every one is professional and welcoming. One thing I appreciate most is that Dr. Pousti sees me periodically (free of charge) to make sure I am doing well and continue to be pleased with all he’s done. I am so glad I found Dr. Pousti. You will be, too!

AMAZING – darkiekitten – Nov 22, 2007

After my experience in Dr. Pousti’s office I have a whole new outlook on life and on plastic surgery. His whole office is amazing – everyone knows your name and makes you feel like you are part of the family and they all take care of you. His work was impeccable and came out exacty the way I wanted it to. They are the BEST!

Dr. Pousti is an artist! – sommerskt – Nov 20, 2007

Dr. Pousti is an artist. He turned my tired saggy breasts into a work of art! I never imagined that I could have some of the most beautiful breasts out of all that I have seen. The entire staff, office, hospital, doctors and nurses are all incredible. I felt confident, comfortable and safe through my procedure and after care. I will use Doctor Pousti again and again to help keep me looking and feeling better. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for a competent, friendly surgeon who also happens to be an artist with his work!

Amazing Results – kathy – Oct 28, 2007

I have had 3 surgeries (tummy tuck, breast augmentation/lift, lipo and thigh lift)with Dr. Pousti and the results are fabulous! He and his staff provide the highest level of professionalism and care. I interviewed 4 other doctors prior to Dr. Pousti. As soon as I met him and experienced his level of care and concern I knew that he was the surgeon for me. The experience with Dr. Pousti has been a life changing event for me and I would do all of it over again.

A million thanks! – nzachary- Mar 2, 2008

I would like to thank Dr. Pousti and his wonderful staff for everything they have done for me, i appreciate the perfect job he has done on my breasts they look amazingly natural i am so glad i took his opinion and trusted him with the way i was going to look after… I walked into their office and i felt very welcomed and very comfortable, he is a great surgeon with the perfect staff………… Thank you for all you have done for my best look!

Dr. Pousti and his staff will exceed… – Feb 7, 2008

I am a mother of 4 who nursed for 8+ yrs. I was left with a lot of empty skin. The biggest complement I have for Dr. Pousti is that no one can tell I had breast augmentation. Unless I have told them, no one has noticed. For me that is the sign of a great surgeon! I am glad I chose to have my surgery with Dr.Pousti. Dr. Pousti and his staff are extremely competent. They care about their patients and are willing to bend over backwards to answer questions and work around your schedule. He and his staff are wonderful. They will exceed your expectations.

Breast Augmentation -sumek – Jan 23, 2008

I waited too many years to have my breasts augmented! Dr. Pousti and his staff are absolutely perfect. I looked at so many Dr.s and no one even compared to Dr. Pousti. He and his staff attended to my every need. Through the office visits and surgery, not for one moment did I feel uncomfortable physically or emotionally. Dr. Pousti is extremely knowledgeable, taking all of your questions very seriously. Once your surgery is complete, he keeps you coming in for check ups. I am so happy with Dr. Pousti and the results of my breast augmentation, I have gained confidence to wear the clothes I have always wanted to wear! Can’t wait until swimsuit season!

I am So happy I went to Dr Pousti.. – burke8198 – Jan 4, 2008

I have had 3 children and breastfed all of them. I went to other Plastic surgeons for a possible lift and breast aug. and had consultations with them. I didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. I found Dr. Pousti on the internet, I did all my research on him and decided to make a consultation. I felt so comfortable with Dr. Pousti and his staff. I booked my surgery that day for two months ahead!! I was going to receive a breast aug. and a lift. I was very nervous in surgery, but Dr. Pousti helped me through along with his staff. They are all so kind and caring. I am so happy with my results and I will refer all my friends and family to him!! Thank you so much Dr. Pousti and staff, you have changed my life!!!

An awesome physician and a professional staff – Rachel- Dec 14, 2007

I came to Dr. Pousti a year ago to inquire about a tummy tuck and a breast lift/augmentation. After 4 children my breasts had lost most of their volume and were saggy. I also had sagging skin on my stomach from carrying 4 large babies. I wanted to return my figure back to its pre-baby state. I had all 3 procedures done in April of 2007 and couldn’t be happier! I feel like my old self. My breasts look better than I imagined they ever could and I have a cute little belly button again! Dr. Pousti and his staff are extremely professional and very attentive. My questions and concerned were always answered. One concern I had while looking for a surgeon was after-care. Dr. Pousti saw me at regular intervals after the surgery to ensure that I was healing properly. This made recovery so much better. I wasn’t worried and was able to relax because I was seen often. If you are someone that is looking for a great person as well as a great doctor than look no more! I highly recommend this doctor and this office.

Dr. Pousti is so amazing! – toon100 – Nov 26, 2007

He truly did a work of art on my breast lift and augmentation. He brought my body back to what it looked like before three children and his office staff couldn’t be nicer. You won’t regret your decision to go with Dr. Pousti!

Fantastic Doctor – rosie – Nov 26, 2007

I just wanted to write to say that Dr Pousti and his staff are the best ever. They make you feel welcome from the moment you walk in their office. Dr Pousti gave me back my body after 5 children. I couldnt have asked for anything more. I feel and look great thanks to him. I will definitely go back to him for any other work to be done, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a plastic surgeon. Thanks Dr Pousti for all your great work. I love it!

love my new boobs! – SH – Nov 26, 2007

I’ve wanted a breast augmentation ever since my breasts stopped developing at the age of 16. I went to a seminar Dr. Pousti had a couple years ago where previous patients came to speak about their experiences. However, I didn’t seriously consider undergoing surgery until about 9 months ago. I researched the risks online, read about what to expect before, during & after surgery, read testimonials on Dr. Pousti’s website and browsed the pictures. I liked what I saw and read so I scheduled my initial consultation. Dr. Pousti was always a gentleman and answered any questions I or my boy-friend had honestly. There was never any pressure to go a certain size or go with saline or silicone. I simply told Dr. Pousti what I wanted and provided him with photos, as a point of reference, to make sure we were on the same page. On the day of surgery I remember being very anxious but excited. The waiting was the worst part because of the anticipation of undergoing surgery. I remember being escorted back to the surgery room where it was quite cold. I lay down and the surgery staff began to prep me for surgery. The anesthesia was hooked up to my IV and Dr. Pousti said, “You’re going to feel a little sting but that’s normal…that’s just the anesthesia working.” I felt the sting and about 2 seconds later I was out cold. The next thing I remember is being stirred from my slumber. When I finally came to, I remember feeling very groggy (my eyelids were very heavy so I could barely keep my eyes open) and my legs wouldn’t stop shaking. I felt no nausea and was thankful that I didn’t. I was given something intravenously to stop the shaking and laid there for about 20 minutes until I felt ok to get up to go home. Dr. Pousti came over and told me that everything went smoothly, that I did great and that I’m going to have beautiful results. Come to find out later, the surgery itself only took about 45 minutes! My boy-friend came back to the post op area where I was resting and helped me out of the surgery clothes and into my street clothes. My chest felt very tight and I made a conscious effort not to constrict my chest muscles. The first three days of recovery were the worst because of the restrictive movement but fortunately my boy-friend was there to take care of me. Per doctor’s post op instructions I took my prescribed medication every 4-6 hours to make sure I felt minimal discomfort. All in all, the actual physical pain was minimal because I went in expecting the worst. I am now 5 months post op and love my results. I wanted to look proportional and natural and that’s exactly what Dr. Pousti helped me to achieve. I feel more feminine & sexy, my clothes look better and shopping is certainly more fun both for me and my boy-friend. I went bra shopping for the first time after the surgery and was shocked that my cup size is as big as it is…a 34D coming from a small 34A/B. I would recommend anyone who is considering a breast augmentation to Dr. Pousti and his very capable hands. He does not charge for his consultations so you can schedule an appointment.


I had surgery with Dr. Pousti in April 2010.  I have had several breast surgeries and I have to say Dr. Pousti was the best.  I had breast implants placed under the muscle for the first time,  he also revised my breast lift scars.  What I love about Dr. Pousti is that he listens to what you want and gives it to you.  My past Dr’s did what they wanted and I didn’t like the results.  I wanted small B cup implants and that is exactly what I got.  I traveled all the way from New Orleans for my surgery.  I would recommend him to any one who has a surgery that needs a revision of some sort.  My scar revision is on the way to healing and so far so good.  His office staff is also friendly & helpful.  Go see Dr. P and you won’t regret it!!


Talk about full circle…

I began my plastic surgery adventure by reading many of the testimonials on Dr. Pousti’s website.  Now here I am, six months later, lucky enough to share my thoughts and opinions on such an amazing doctor.

At the beginning of my search, I was still undecided whether I just wanted a breast lift or a tummy tuck in conjunction with the lift.  The several doctors I interviewed prior to Dr. Pousti pressured me to do both procedures.  I knew I had found the right doctor when the exact opposite happened when I spoke with Dr. Pousti.  He urged me to consider the benefits of both procedures but did not pressure me in any way.  In other words, he wanted what was best for ME – not best for his bank account!In the end, I chose to do both procedures and on March 1, 2011, I had my mommy-makeover (a tummy tuck and a breast lift).  And while surgery is never easy, his office and the surgery center he uses, gave us all the information we needed to ensure post-op success.  Everything from setting us up with a nurse to come home with us, to providing the appropriate medicine to make me comfortable, to calling every day to check on us – all things to make my surgery as easy as possible. Due to no fault of Dr. Pousti, I encountered a minor set-back when I developed an infection in my abdominal incision site.  Here’s where Dr. Pousti and his staff distinguished themselves as exceptional care-givers.  The follow up care and concern for my well-being gave me peace of mind that everything was going to be ok… and it was!  I had a beautiful result and will never regret having the work done. Had my surgical procedure gone perfectly, this would have been a great experience.  Based on their care and response to my complications, I now feel like this chapter in my life was extraordinary.  I continue to be a loyal patient using other services his office offers, knowing that whatever I need to do, it will be handled with the utmost expertise and great care.

If you are considering *any* type of cosmetic surgery, look no further…


Please let everyone know that I am VERY HAPPY with my results thus far.  Of course, the swelling could go down, but I have to take that up with my own body.  I am astonished at how well my breasts look.  The incision that Dr. Pousti made is healing up very nicely – hardly noticeable.  And the sizing is PERFECT.  Not too big, not too small – just right for my body frame.  How does he do it?    My tummy is healing very nicely as well, and is 1000 times better then where I started from.   In all honesty, I am amazed at what I see.  I could almost get away with a bikini.  I could never say that before.

Thanks so much to all of you, especially you, Anna, Daisy, (I think it was Kelso at the recovery center – she is totally awesome) and of course, Dr. Pousti.

A big hug from Montana.


I initially came across Dr. Pousti’s name on one of the many plastic surgery forums and the more sites I visited, the more his name camp up. Not only were the pictures documenting his patient’s results spectacular, but the reviews and testimonials of the care received convinced me that I had to at least meet for a consultation.

During my consultation, I knew that this was going to be my surgeon. Dr. Pousti has a demeanor that instantly puts you at ease. All of my questions were answered and concerns addressed, but more importantly Dr. Pousti gave me the confidence that the results I was looking for was achievable. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, in this instance, it is everything AND in this office, not only do you see pictures-you meet with actual patients! For me, this practice is invaluable; I had the opportunity to ask questions and hear about experiences firsthand. Needless to say I left with my surgery date scheduled.

My results are better than I ever hoped for. When I look at the pictures that I brought to Dr. Pousti as examples of what I wanted to achieve I am satisfied beyond words-his skill as a surgeon and aesthetic eye for beauty gave me exactly what I envisioned. There may be other surgeons capable of providing similar results, but I doubt that they have the personable qualities as Dr. Pousti. He is one of the kindest, gentlest, honest Doctors that I have had the pleasure to meet. In a word “Genuine”. His office goes above and beyond to ensure his patient’s comfort, both physically and emotionally. The quality of care and the personal attention that I have received throughout my transformation (and yes, it had been a transformation) is too numerous to address here.

If you are considering plastic surgery, please do yourself the favor of meeting with Dr. Pousti and his team. It is one of the best decisions I have made, everyday I look in the mirror and absolutely love what I see.




I came in to see Dr Pousti , for a Mommy Makeover. Having 3 kids all weighing over 9lbs; really took a toll on my body.  I would find myself exercising, and not losing my belly.  It was very frustrating. The day I came in for my consultation, I was immediately welcomed by his wonderful staff.  I really felt like I belonged there.  After meeting with the Doctor, My husband and I knew he was the one.  Dr. Pousti really listened to my concerns, and answered all of my husbands and my questions. (There were a lot of them.) The best thing about his office was the fact that I got to meet and talk to all kinds of patients that had the same things done.  We decided that I was going to have a breast lift with implants, and I full tummy tuck; which goes all the way around to my backside, to get rid of my muffin top. The day of the surgery came quick, and I was very scared. Dr. Pousti and the hospital staff were there letting me know everything was going to be OK. I felt so much better. The surgery was 6 hrs long and it went smoothly. The first week was very painful, and I don’t remember too much about it; other than it hurt. The time flew by very fast, and by the 6th day I didn’t need any more pain meds.  I am now 8 weeks out, and I not only feel amazing; but I look amazing as well.  I look forward to my appointments at his office. His staff is so warm and caring.  Dr Pousti did an amazing job on me. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. He is truly a gifted surgeon; A real artist. He has raised my confidence so much. I would recommend him to anybody. I feel very blessed to have had Dr Pousti to perform my surgery.


San Diego, CA


Its been a year since my mommy makeover; and I couldn’t be happier with my body. I look and feel great. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon. A few months ago; Dr. Pousti noticed I had a small leak in my left breast.(It was actually a blessing in disguise.) He went in, fixed it, and made them fuller. :) Because I had a breast lift during my first surgery; I couldn’t go as full as I wanted without putting my healing at risk. (That’s why it was a blessing in disguise.) Needless to say; my boobs now look perfect. Plus the healing time was a piece of cake!!! I love my DR. and his staff. It may sound funny; but it’s true. The whole staff is very friendly and has always set the tone by providing a welcoming and comfortable environment. I always look forward to my appointments. I can’t thank Dr. Pousti enough for what he has done for me. He’s amazing. I feel BEAUTIFUL; and I haven’t felt this way in a long, long time.

Thank You ,

R.H xxx

San Diego, CA


After having 3 pregnancies and 2 sets of twins as a surrogate mother, I had really put my body through the ringer. My stomach was full of stretch marks, I had a hernia, and my abdominal wall had been stretched beyond the natural limits. I had lost all the weight I had gained from the pregnancies however my stomach always looked like I was pregnant. I tried every workout, and diet and nothing worked, so I finally admitted to myself that surgery was the only way. Being in the medical field myself (OB/GYN) I was confident that I knew what I was looking for in a surgeon. After my husband and I met with Dr. Pousti I knew he was perfect. The minute I walked into the office I was greeted by his amazing staff, and I was called back before I even finished my paperwork.  The entire time I was in his office for my consult I was either with his nurses or Dr. Pousti himself. He took the time to answer all my questions and I never felt rushed. During my physical consult I was very comfortable and he was very reassuring on the results that I wanted. I also loved the fact he didn’t try to sell me on other procedures that I didn’t ask for, or try to recommend other changes. I also got to meet with 3 other patients after their procedures and talk to them about their experiences which were all great.

I had the extended tummy tuck with lipo on my back to give me my curve back.  The day of my procedure Dr. Pousti showed up on time, which if anyone knows that’s rare of some doctors, and asked if I had any questions and kept me completely eased. The surgery went great without any complications, and after my nurse, that his office suggested, took me back to my hotel room and gave my mom clear instructions and graphs of how to take care of me from positions to my medications. I am now 8 weeks post-op from my surgery and have bought my first swim suit in years, and even enjoyed the shopping trip. I now love to get dressed in the morning, and have all my self confidence back.  Each day I wake up so happy that I made the decision to have the surgery and have Dr. Pousti as my doctor. I love him and everyone at his office they have taken such great care of me during the whole recovery process. They even called me regularly (including weekends) to check on me. I can honestly say the Dr. Pousti has changed my life.