Breast Reduction Testimonials

Breast Reduction Testimonials

Breast Reduction Testimonials From Dr. Pousti’s San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Breast Reduction:

I want to commend you and your staff for the excellent and attentive care I received from the initial exam and throughout my surgical recovery. Having Dr. Pousti perform breast reduction surgery has been life-altering. Not only has my self-esteem soared, I’ve resumed a daily exercise program, combined with life style changes. I no longer have back, neck or shoulder pain after years of going to doctors seeking relief. I’m now wearing tank tops and sundresses without being self conscious of having large, heavy breasts.

I have you, Dr. Pousti to thank for giving me a new lease on life!!!


Dr. S. P-K

Breast Reduction

Dear Dr. Pousti -

I want to thank you for my new found self confidence. Prior to the surgical procedure, I often avoided social settings and had a fear of running into old friends who only knew me thin. Now I find myself excited at the prospect of running into people and having a visit without feeling self conscious about my appearance. I did not realize how much hiding I had been doing.

My quest for less neck and shoulder pain, as well as hoping to end the poor posture, rashes and rutted shoulders led me to explore breast reduction. I am also the youngest of three sisters and the other two are breast cancer survivors, so whether it is 100% medically proven or not, I wanted to have less mass for concern.

Two different friends recommended that I visit you. So, although I had a full authorization from my HMO for a different doctor, I requested a second opinion and I’m so pleased that I did! From the first phone call to schedule an appointment, I realized you had a staff that truly cares about the complete well-being of its patients. Your office is light and cheerful and my first encounter with you was so respectful. I remember on my first visit I told you that it didn’t matter much to me how I looked under my clothes; as long as I looked better when I was dressed. Your response was that it mattered to you and that you would make me look and feel beautiful.

The folks at the Surgical Center were very warm and helpful. I’d had concerns about having the procedure outside of a hospital, but now am glad for the personal care that I received at the Center.

Since my surgery I have found myself with more energy and my years of neck and shoulder pain from the weight have ended. And to walk into a store and purchase a pretty bra without steel reinforcements is quite an experience.

“Thank you” to you and your staff for giving me exceptional care. I gladly recommend you to any of my friends considering cosmetic surgery. I know it is a cliché, but truly, my only regret is that I didn’t do this year ago.



El Cajon, California


On Sept, 19, 2005, I had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck. I opted to have both done at the same time, which I’m very glad I did. 2 years before the procedure, I interviewed about 5-6 doctors in San Diego County. As I was about to make a decision, the money was not available as we had first thought. So I put my plans on hold. In July/Aug, 2005, our situation turned around, and I went back to looking for a doctor. I went back to the first doctor I interviewed. Dr. Pousti, and didn’t need to look any further.

Dr. Pousti stood out above the rest for the following reasons:

1. He took time with me, as a patient.
2. He has a very easy going, mild mannered personality…….calm! (Good for a surgeon)
3. He had good credentials
4. I read his testimonials and spoke with a couple of ladies separately (outside of the office), who also had work done by Dr. Pousti.
5. Even though I asked the doctor to do a few other little things while I was under, he told me it would put me at risk to be under anesthesia more than 5-6 hours.
5. His office is very organized
6. The staff is very pleasant, helpful and sensitive
7. He was the only doctor who was a carrier for my insurance, since my breast reduction was covered by my insurance.

Over the years, I exercised and dieted, but was not able to lose my tummy. I had 2 children by c-section, and at age 43 had a complete hysterectomy. Even though I have good skin tone, at age 53, and because of hormone changes, I just couldn’t tighten up the flabby skin from my belly through exercising and dieting. My clothes didn’t fit, anymore, and I felt physically older than I was mentally. Therefore, I opted for the surgery. My biggest concern was being nauseated from the anesthesia, however, during recovery, I was given a pill to counteract that. Pain was not a concern for me, since I have a high tolerance for it…..however, because of all the exercising I had done previously through the years, there was soreness but nothing that I couldn’t handle. The drains were annoying, but I wanted them left in as long as needed, to avoid any build up of fluid that might cause infection.

I had to leave one abdominal drain in for 3 weeks instead of the estimated 2 weeks. But it all worked out for the better. Now, after 5 months, post op, I can play tennis, ride my bike and work out much easier, and without the “load” in front of me. The best part is being able to button up any shirt, and have a flat stomach. I lost 10 pounds right after surgery, and now that some of the swelling is going down slowly, AND with more exercise and dieting, I expect to lose more weight and inches. My husband is soooo happy for me, and he says that I look and act so much younger than my 53 years.

Before the surgery, people were shocked at my age, but NOW, they are really shocked. They think I look 10 years younger!


My advice to anyone before a tummy tuck, is to exercise a few months or more before your surgery. You’ll need to use your leg muscles and back muscles after surgery…..ESPECIALLY, if you have breast suregery at the same time. After the tummy tuck, you have to walk hunched over, and that tires your back a bit. When the drains come out, you have more freedom to shower and move around.


(I would also HIGHLY recommend recovering at “the Hideaway” if you have both surgeries at the same time…..ask the staff for information).

~Happy Patient

La Jolla, California

Breast Reduction:

Thank you, Dr. Pousti & Staff, for the great service.

I am very satisfied with the results of my breast reduction. You have made me feel comfortable and secure since my first visit to your office and throughout the procedure. I feel like a new person and I am very happy. No more back and neck aches or indentations on my shoulders from all the weight I was carrying on my chest. Shopping for clothes has been a lot easier too! I should have done this sooner. To anyone who is thinking about a breast reduction take the first step and call Dr. Pousti. J.O.

Carlsbad, California

Breast Reduction:

I am a 23 year old mother of one. Shortly after having my daughter, I realized that I was very uncomfortable with my enlarged breasts. I felt as if people were talking to them rather than me, not only that they were way too HUGE for my little body. I spoke with family and friends to get an idea of what they thought, a majority said to leave things the way they were, but I felt different. In June or July of 2003, I spoke with my primary doctor, Dr. Aiello, and he recommended me to speak with Dr. Pousti. I have to admit, I was very nervous at my first visit but once I met Dr. Pousti, I felt at ease. He and his staff were very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. After my second visit, I told my family that I had made the decision to get my breasts reduced. I set up my surgery date. The day before surgery, I met with Dr. Pousti for my markings. Through out the entire pre-op procedure, my main concern wasn’t about pain, loss of nipple/breast sensitivity, but about the scars. Dr. Pousti told me that he would do his best to minimize the scarring. I went home the day of my surgery and felt no pain. It was hard not being able to do things around the house or pick up my daughter. It has been 6 months since my surgery and I am both THANKFUL AND GREATFUL to Dr. Pousti and his staff. I am also very pleased to say that my scarring is barely noticeable. A huge plus is that since having my surgery, I have regained my sensitivity in my breasts (something I had lost after having my child). I would definitely do this again and have Dr. Pousti do the surgery. I have also recommended a few friends and would do so again. He is the best and has a great staff working with him.

Thanks again,


Spring Valley, California

Breast Reduction:

I wanted to write you and thank you for the great experience. You wouldn’t think that a “breast reduction” would be an experience that someone would describe as “great”….but it was.

I have worn a “DD” bra cup since my late teens and I am only 5′ 3/4″. I am 54 years old, so doing the math, one can see that I have dragged around quite a “load” for +/-40 years. I have suffered from shoulder/upper back pain, neck pain, numbness down 1 arm, indentations in my shoulders, rashes under my breasts, ill-fitting clothes, etc.

In addition, in my 40’s I herniated 2 discs in my back at a work-related seminar and suffered additional pain from the accident. In order to continue in my job, I tried: chiropractic adjustments, pain medication, exercise, pain control pidurals, and all the standard treatments. I finally settled into a routine of exercise combined with daily anti-inflammatory medication.

The past five years I have been on daily cellabrex.

Since my breast reduction surgery (5 weeks ago):

I do not have shoulder/upper back pain….

I do not have neck pain….

there is no numbness in my arms….

no more indentations in my shoulders…..

no rashes….

and I can buy clothes that fit. In addition…I have cut my daily medication down to 1 or 2 times a week.

WOW…..WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! I feel that this procedure is changing my life.

Also, I wanted to mention how caring and wonderful your staff has been, especially Vanessa and Daisy (who I had the most contact with). They are always available to answer my questions and have been very supportive throughout the whole thing. Your personal friendliness, kindness, and warmth extends to your staff and patients, and is evident in the way your patients are treated.

I was happy with my choice of the Grossmont Surgery Center….the staff there was also great and made me feel comfortable and not so nervous. From the receptionist to the anesthesiologist….they all took the time to explain everything and took as good of care of me as my own mother would have.

Although my reason for the surgery was not cosmetic…the cosmetic benefits were numerous. My husband thinks that my “new” breasts are “works of art”, my clothes fit so much better and my button-in-the-front shirts do not strain and pop open anymore. I am now a 54 year old women with a young women’s breasts…I am now perky instead of “matronly”.

Dr. Pousti; THANKS YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are an artist, in the world of plastic surgery. There is 1 problem, though… that I can look down and see my stomach (which I haven’s been able to do for +/-40 years)….I think a “tummy tuck” may be next!!!

Please feel free to use any part of this letter and consider it my testimonial to your talent and warm “bedside-manner”.

Forever grateful,


San Diego, California

Breast Reduction/Liposuction:

I am now eight weeks from surgery to have my very large DD breasts reduced, and I wanted to write a note so anyone considering this surgery would know what to really expect. I am 38 years old and have been considering have this surgery for about 12 years. My breasts went from a C cup to DD after having my first child. This might have been okay for some but I am a petite person and only weigh 117lbs. I might have been able to deal with the size but the fact that my breasts now hung very low and going without a bra was impossible. I now had back pain and rashes that would not go away. I had another child 5 years later and this did nothing to help my sagging breasts or back pain.

I finally decided to research the procedure and went to several consultations. Dr. Pousti was the only one that I even considered. He was very personable and answered all my questions. The staff helped with getting my insurance to pay for the surgery. Now I have never had surgery of any kind and I didn’t know what to expect. The staff and Dr. Pousti were very kind and reassuring. I wasn’t really worried about the pain and it wasn’t very bad the pain medication works.

However it does take sometime to get back to normal, and to feel a 100%. It was a little harder than I thought but I would go through it all again for the results I have received.

Let me tell you the back pain is gone and I now have small C cups and can wear whatever I want to. Button up shirts are now in my closet and sexy tops that require no bra are my friends. The best part is my breasts are now where they are supposed to be. I am renewing my vows in Jamaica in 7 months and I am going to where a backless dress for the first time. I really liked myself before I had surgery and I felt attractive, but now I feel like a supermodel and it shows in my walk and my smile even fully clothed.

People tell me how good I look and I know it is true!

If you have always wanted to have this surgery I say without reservation go for it and do not let anyone tell you not you are not worth it, I know I was and still am.

Breast Reduction:

Thank you Dr. Pousti!

My experience with you and your team was very assuring and I feel I could trust you with my breast reduction surgery. I have been to other doctors for an opinion in the past few years but what made me make up my mind was your confidence and reassurance that I would do fine and look great too! I liked that you showed me other women in person who had had this surgery and I was able to question them in private. Also, you have a very good manner which put me at ease.

I love my new breasts! The size of my new breasts fit my body size. They look great and feel great! I have always had HUGE breasts along with neck pain, shoulder pain and upper back pain. What a load to get taken off! I even look younger….thanks to you!

I feel that you are the best doctor for the job – you love what you do and it shows!

Thank you so much,


Santee, California

Breast Reduction

Before the breast reduction surgery, I looked very matronley. I have always felt great about myself and my self esteem is extremely high…. after the breast reduction surgery, I looked and felt better than ever thought I could!! I can not thank Dr. Pousti enough for making me look like the fabulous woman that I have always been!


Bear, Delaware

Breast Reduction Breast lifting (Mastopexy)

Dear Dr. Pousti & Staff

I’m a 45 year old who had been seriously thinking about having a breast reduction and lift for approximately 4 years, secondary to a lot of cervical discomfort. The fact that I couldn’t wear a half bra in the summertime because of the heaviness, really limited my attire and didn’t hurt the cause. My cup size was a double D and I wanted to reduce my size to a C cup. After consulting with Dr. Pousti, we decided to go to a D cup instead since by nature, I’m not what you call a petite girl. I’m very happy that I listened to his professional opinion because I’m very pleased with the results. I’m in the medical profession so I tend to be slightly picky but I found Dr. Pousti and his staff to be overwhelmingly accommodating, continuously professional and very pleasant. Hence, my whole experience was wonderful.

Thank you so much Dr. Pousti & Staff

During High School I grew extremely large breasts overnight and they put great strain on my body. After graduating college at 22, I knew I wanted to reduce my 34 J cup breasts. My large breasts were greatly impacting my quality of life. I experienced chronic headaches, extreme back pain, and neck tension that hindered my ability to function without pain. That does not include the emotional consequences of having such large breasts. Clothing never fit me, I always looked heavier than I was, and at times received very unwanted attention. Bras were uncomfortable and dug into my skin. There were very few moments when I wasnt in pain, searching fruitlessly for relief.

Just before my 23rd birthday, I visited Dr. Pousti for the first time. Although he is a successful and busy surgeon with many patients, I felt taken care of and heard as an individual from the moment I walked in the door. Dr. Pousti was honest about expectations and recommendations, and I was impressed by the fact that he was double board certified. His staff was wonderful to work with and each member took the time to talk to me and approach me in a friendly manner. His office was organized and efficient, but tailored to my needs.

I was very nervous for the surgery, but Dr. Pousti and his staff took care of me and put me at ease through each step, including the morning of surgery. A member of Dr. Poustis staff called every day for the first two weeks after my surgery. I was able to ask questions and check my progress. I felt very taken care of in every way.

It has only been a few months since my surgery and I already cannot remember how I lived a normal life before. The recovery takes patience and time, but words cannot adequately convey what this surgery has done for my life. It has completely changed the way I feel, the way I move, and my ability to live my life. I have regained my health and I can move with an ease I never thought I would have again. My overall health and self-confidence has risen beyond measure. I can exercise again and wear any clothing I choose. It is extremely liberating!

Having a breast reduction changed my life and I cannot imagine anyone who could have taken better care of me then Dr. Pousti. I have complete trust and faith that he is the only surgeon who could have made this happen for me. He helped me each step of the way. He is a truly talented man who is not only skilled at his practice, but kind and goodhearted at his very core. There are not many people who have that rare mix of ability and honest concern for the lives of patients.

For Dr. Pousti, it is not merely an hour or two of surgery, but a life-long relationship which he realizes begins the first time you walk into his office. I would make this decision again without a moment of hesitation, worry, or doubt. I would fully recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone I know.