Eyelid Surgery Testimonials

Eyelid Surgery Testimonials

Eyelid Surgery Testimonials From Dr. Pousti’s San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Breast Augmentation / Eyelid Surgery:

It has been 4 years since I had my upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty) and breast augmentation. Everyone always said that I looked “tired” and my eyes were very heavy. I live in La Jolla and was searching for a La Jolla Plastic Surgeon and had heard of Dr. Pousti from his other La Jolla patients. I went and visited his office and had a wonderful experience. I decided that since I was going to have surgery and be put under anesthesia, I might as well also get breast implants (since this was something that I had been thinking about). I had met other La Jolla moms who had had surgeries performed by Dr. Pousti (our kids all go to La Jolla Elementary School) and they were very happy with their results. I had both procedures (eyelid surgery and breast augmentation) and am very happy with my results.


~C.E. from La Jolla


Eyelid surgery:

I had eyelid surgery on April 13, 2007. I am sixty-five (65) years old and it was long over due. What a difference–you are able to not only see my eyes, but my eyelashes.

Dr. Pousti is an excellent physician. He is a caring, kind human being. Dr. Pousti treated me with respect and courtesy. His excellent staff is a reflection of his attitude.

The procedure was explained to me in detail and all my questions were answered in a professional yet understandable manner. I knew I could always call, if additional questions came to mind. The surgery itself started on time and the Alvarado Facility and its staff was also professional.

Dr. Pousti and his staff have my highest recommendation for this type of procedure.



Eyelid surgery:

Looking back at pictures, I realize I always had alot of skin above my eyes. But as I got into my forties, it really began to droop. My friend recommended Dr. Pousti. The staff is really friendly and my consultation wasn’t rushed. I was able to ask and get answers to the questions I wanted to know. One thing I felt Dr. Pousti understood is that I didn’t want to

look totally different. I just didn’t want to look tired when I wasn’t. I had my surgery in July. I was awake for the surgery with no pain. I went home and had dinner a couple hours later. Even though I had medicine for nausea, I didn’t need it. I think that is one of the benefits of local anesthesia. I also, didn’t need any of the pain medication. At the office you are given a list of post care instuctions and we went over them all. I made it a point to follow them exactly. I had read enough to know that healing takes time. If I had any questions all I had to do was call. I had some bruising, in about a week it had faded and turned a light yellow. I

went into work (with cover cream)ten days later and everyone loved the eyes. I also went to a formal affair seventeen days after and the eyes looked great. They are still getting better all the time. For the first time if I wanted to wear eyeliner, I can. Before the surgery there really wasn’t any room for it. People who know me say they can tell a difference. What I hear most is that my eyes look more open. Someone the other day said they really liked my eye shadow. Same stuff, better eyes. Thank you Dr. Pousti!


Spring Valley, California


Breast Augmentation and eyelid surgery:

He and his team are excellent. They go far beyond the call of duty to make everything pleasant pre-op. His attention to detail has made a tricky surgery work out beautifully. I couldn’t be happier.


Encinitas, California





Eyelid Surgery:

The reason I wanted to get my eyes done was simple, I was tired of people telling me how tired I looked. I didn’t want to look younger or pretty, just rested. I was very concerned about some of the other eye surgeries I had seen where too much skin was taken off which left some noticeable imperfections that I wanted to avoid. I felt very comfortable with going ahead witht he surgery after talking to Dr. Pousti about these concerns. I was awake during the surgery and had very little discomfort. Afterwards, I only needed one pain pill.

I followed Dr. Pousti’s orders very closely and I believe that really helped in a speedy recovery adn very little discoloration and swelling. It takes a few months for everything to form into shape, but only after 2 months, I am already more than pleased. There is a fine line between taking too much off and not taking enough off. I believe that Dr. Pousti has found that fine line.

Thank you to Dr. Pousti and the whole staff at his office.


San Diego, California


Eyelid Surgery:

I am 56 years old. In July of 2005, I saw Dr. Pousti regarding a facelift.My eyes looked tired all the time. I had the sagging jowls and deep lines around my mouth. He explained the procedure to me in depth. He was very honest in what he could do. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Pousti and his staff and I scheduled my appointment. Two weeks later, I had my surgery with much success. He had a dedicated staff assisting with my surgery.

Everyone was very kind. I came out of surgery with the normal discomfort. Dr. Pousti called me several times to see how I was doing and keeping tabs on my recovery. I felt very assurred.

I am happy that I had the procedure. I look and feel so much younger.My biggest thanks is to Dr. Pousti and his caring staff. Dr. Pousti is a very caring and compassionate as well as a great surgeon. If I have any further surgeries. I will certainly return to Dr. Pousti.


Hemet, California