Facelift Testimonials

Facelift Testimonials From Dr. Pousti’s San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Patients




San Marcos, California


Facelift/Forehead lift:

My only regret is that I waited so long! Naturally, I was afraid. It is a huge decision to change your facial appearance. It all comes down to what you are willing to do about the way you look. Weighing the difference between the fear of plastic surgery, versus the depression of looking old.

For me, it became unbearable to look in the mirror. I was foolishly abusive to my skin years ago. I never thought about sun damage or what cigarettes would do to my face until it was too late. There are no creams or lotions that can hide these damaging signs of age. I felt like a young person trapped inside of an old woman’s face.

I’m only 45 years old, yet I looked like I was at least 55 years old. A friend at work recommended that I should “shop around” for the right doctor to perform the procedure. She gave me a list of three different Plastic Surgeons, including her own personal doctor and two others that she knew of.

I set up consultations with all three doctors. There were many considerations to think about in choosing a doctor. I received three different price quotes for the same procedure. Each doctor is board certified and has years of experience behind them. Though I did not choose my friends doctor, I chose Dr. Pousti because of the way he made me feel. The relationship that you have with your doctor is important especially after your surgery. Dr. Pousti immediately made me feel at ease. I felt that he mostly understood me and what I wanted. His sense of caring and understanding was genuine and personal. I wasn’t just another routine potential patient. I sensed he was sure of himself and what he could do for me. He was able to assure me that my results would be very rewarding. His office staff is warm and friendly and they’re never too busy for me. I feel very comfortable with him and I am so thankful for what he has done for me. It is as if he turned back the clock for me. He has virtually given me a second chance. The level of confidence I now have has given me a whole new outlook on life. My Face and Forehead surgery was four months ago and I feel like life is just beginning. The actual results far exceed my expectations. I feel younger because I look younger. I have even gained more energy. A more youthful appearance has affected my mental attitude. It is not vanity that makes one seek improvement with appearance. It has only been four months and I can hardly beleive the difference. I see pictures of myself before and I shake my head. Out with the old indeed! Thank you Dr. Pousti.


Newport Beach, California



I am 56 years old. In July of 2005, I saw Dr. Pousti regarding a facelift.My eyes looked tired all the time. I had the sagging jowls and deep lines around my mouth. He explained the procedure to me in depth. He was very honest in what he could do. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Pousti and his staff and I scheduled my appointment. Two weeks later, I had my surgery with much success. He had a dedicated staff assisting with my surgery.

Everyone was very kind. I came out of surgery with the normal discomfort. Dr. Pousti called me several times to see how I was doing and keeping tabs on my recovery. I felt very assurred.

I am happy that I had the procedure. I look and feel so much younger.My biggest thanks is to Dr. Pousti and his caring staff. Dr. Pousti is a very caring and compassionate as well as a great surgeon. If I have any further surgeries. I will certainly return to Dr. Pousti.


Hemet, California


Facelift: (husband and wife)

After being self-conscious for years about the excess skin on my neck under my chin, I got a referral from both my primary care physician and dermatologist and made an appointment with Dr. Pousti. He performed a neck lift and face lift. The recovery was about 3 weeks and the results were everything I had hoped for. Dr. Pousti and his friendly staff were excellent, taking the time to answer my many questions, making the experience very comfortable.


San Diego, California


After my husband had his plastic surgery and I saw the excellent results he had, I decided to take steps to get rid of the wrinkles and other signs of aging. I had a face lift and added laser surgery for facial resurfacing. I am pleased with the results. Dr. Pousti and his entire staff made me feel very comforatable throughout the process.


San Diego, California