Tummy Tuck Testimonials

Tummy Tuck Testimonials From Dr. Pousti’s San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Breast Augmentation / Abdominoplasty:

I am a long time patient of Dr. Tom Pousti. I have lived in La Jolla for over 10 years and am very excited that Dr. Pousti has opened up an office in La Jolla. I had always had small breasts and thought of getting breast implants for many years. I moved from Orange County, California to La Jolla, California after my 2nd child was born and that is when I first visited Dr. Pousti. I was searching to do my breast augmentation in La Jolla. My breasts were small to begin with but after nursing 2 children, there wasn’t much left. Dr. Pousti made me feel very comfortable with my decision to proceed with breast augmentation surgery. I had seen many plastic surgeons in Southern California, La Jolla, Orange County, Los Angeles but no-one made me feel as comfortable as Dr. Tom Pousti. He discussed the procedure with me and I had my surgery with no regrets!! After 5 years and 2 more kids, I decided to have an abdominoplasty surgery (tummy tuck). My skin and muscles had stretched out so much that my daily exercise routine was not helping. I am now 3 years out from my tummy tuck surgery and I look and feel great!! My stomach is tighter and flatter than ever. This surgery jump started my exercise routine (because I LOVE the way I look, I exercise and eat right to keep it looking great!!). I heard from friends that Dr. Pousti was now opening up an office on Girard Avenue in La Jolla and I was sooo happy. My kids go to La Jolla Elementary School and the office location is so convenient for me. I plan on returning to the office very soon to ask about replacing my saline breast implants with silicone gel breast implants (since they have been FDA approved). I have seen other La Jolla patients of Dr. Pousti who have the silicone gel implants and they look and feel AMAZING. I will return to Dr. Pousti because I think he is the best plastic surgeon in San Diego.


A very happy La Jolla patient.

Tummy Tuck:

On any given plastic surgeons website you can read testimonials revealing what a wonderful experience the patient had, how friendly the staff was, and how he/she, loves his/her new body. Yes, I consider my experience wonderful. Yes, Dr. Pousti and his staff are very friendly and supportive; and yes, I adore my new body. But that’s not the crux of my testimonial. I want to share what is different about Dr. Pousti and why I think he is so special.

First, Dr. Pousti is highly qualified. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. There are more than a few doctors who will advertise that they are board certified. Every licensed medical doctor is board certified; but by what board? If your doctor is certified by the board of obstetrics and gynecology, you probably don’t want him/her performing your face lift. It is crucial that you do your homework before you enter anyone’s office. There is a very famous television plastic surgeon, who is actually a board certified pathologist. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Check your doctor’s credentials.

Second, ask questions, lots of them. Dr. Pousti takes the time to answer all of your questions, and never makes you feel hurried. Some Plastic surgeons will rush through a consultation and if you take too much of their time, they’ll refer you to their office manager. Never mind that the office manager didn’t go to medical school and isn’t being paid thousands of dollars to cut you from eyes to thighs. If a doctor doesn’t have time to answer all of your questions, he doesn’t deserve your money.

Did you know that Dr. Pousti closes all incisions himself? Not all surgeons do that. Some perform the procedure and leave it to an RN to close the incisions. With Dr. Pousti, nothing is left to chance. His patients have the benefit of his skill and expertise from the first cut to the last stitch.

Third, Dr. Pousti is incredibly talented. He is able to listen to a patient describe his/her desired result and then bring it to fruition. What are the odds that you could describe something to someone and be certain that both of you envision the same thing in your “mind’s eye”. That’s nearly impossible, but Dr Pousti is able to do it.

Fourth, Dr. Pousti is honest and forthright. Many Surgeons will supply pictures of their patients, but Dr. Pousti allows you to actually meet his patients and speak with them about their experience.

Last and most important, Dr. Pousti is trustworthy. Trust is a character trait that money cannot buy. He can be trusted to put the best interest of his patients above his own gain. When you’re sprawled on the operating table so “juiced” on anesthesia that you don’t know your own name, you can rest assured that you’ve put your life and well being in the hands of someone who has your best interest at heart; someone who will not abuse that privilege. He is a man of great integrity. I hold him in highest esteem.


Y. A.

Fontana, CA

Tummy Tuck / Liposuction :

My entire experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff was exceptional and I can say with conviction that I would not have done a single thing differently.

First a little about myself, I am an attorney and mother of two, originally from San Francisco and transplanted here in San Diego about three years ago.

After baby number one, I had no stretch marks and a minimal belly pooch so, despite my not-so-tender age of 35, I thought my body was going to make it through childbirth unscathed. Then came baby number two – the BEHEMOTH – and all bets were off!

After he was born, I struggled to lose the weight and seemed to be losing the battle. Not because I wasn’t dropping pounds, but because the pooch (which now was more like a massive bulge) wasn’t going away. With my 20-year high school reunion quickly approaching, I was at a loss what to do. My sister, who had had a successful tummy tuck up in the Pacific Northwest recommended I look into it.

I was lucky to find Dr. Pousti’s website which told me all I needed to know. For me, photographs, and a lot of them, is the best way to discern a plastic surgeon’s skill. Not only did it reassure me about what type of results I might expect, it was a clear statement that he had done this surgery successfully numerous times.

At my first appointment, any reservations I may have had were assuaged, as I was greeted with his friendly staff and testimonials from fellow patients. It was Dr. Pousti’s own demeanor, however, that “sealed the deal” so to speak. His mix of knowledge, experience, and humility put me at ease and made what could be an embarrassing and painful process downright enjoyable.

My recovery was quick and relatively pain free thanks to the superior technology that Dr. Pousti employs – including pain medication delivered directly to the incision point which you yourself control. I sure wish I could have had that on my c-section!

The results were fabulous – as you can see from my photos. I kind of fancy myself as the “poster-child” for this surgery. He was able to completely remove ALL of my stretch marks and get this – make the new incision at the same place as my c-section scar leaving only one mark! I dropped fully two sizes out of the gate. I actually have a waist again and, thanks to some additional liposuction on the back side, can wear fitted shirts and the current unforgiving hip hugging jeans without a belly bulging or back fat hanging over the back. To quote the Mastercard commercial: truly, truly, PRICELESS!

Breast Augmentation / Tummy Tuck / Liposuction :

After having 7 kids I decided that I wanted to change my life and lose all the weight I had put on over the years. I did really good and lost about 70lbs. Imagine my disappointment, however, when I realized that it seemed almost all in vain. I didn’t see much of a difference because I had so much loose skin hanging. In fact, I thought I looked worse than when I had all the fat! I finally got the courage to start calling around and looking into a tummy tuck. After speaking to a few Dr’s I knew I had found the right one when I walked into Dr. Pousti’s office. The staff is fantastic and has always made me feel comfortable. Dr. Pousti is sincerely caring. You just know that you’ve made the right choice when you meet him. I was so pleased with my tummy tuck that I went ahead and had an arm lift, lipo and breast augmentation!! I have no regrets and the only advice I can give to anyone is to not wait and waste anymore time! I feel like he has given me a whole new life! Anyone would be shocked if they saw my before pictures!


San Marcos, California

Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)/Breast Lift/Breast Augmentation:

I want to start out by saying, “If you are pondering between what doctor you want to perform your surgery, look no further”. You have found him. Dr. Pousti is unbelievable. I can say this because I did my homework and ‘shopped’ around (5 doctors) and my heart led me straight back to my first consultation doctor, Dr. Pousti. I knew it all along, but, I wanted to dot my i’s and cross my t’s.

I had a Mastopexy/Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction of my medial and lateral thighs.

I am a busy mother of four very young children (6 & under) and am a full time Physical Education/Aerobic teacher. I workout 3 to sometimes 5 hours a day and nothing was going to bring on larger, firmer breasts (the sagginess was due to nursing all four children in 5 years) or take away the loose skin and the protrusion of my stomach from the laxity of the muscles in my abdominal region. And for the thighs, well, there was just a small amount there that my exercise was not taking care of.

I struggled with it all after having my last child, which just happens to be my only girl. I took a huge leap and decided to discuss the procedures with my husband. It’s not like he did not know I was interested, as I watched Dr. 90210 all the time and hinted about what I would like to have done. Of course he thought I looked great the way I was, but when it came to discussing the matter, money really was more of the topic.

Most average working Americans don’t have thousands lying around (at least not those with four children I presume), but my husband knew I had worked so hard baby after baby and from the mouth of Dr. Pousti, “No matter how hard she works out, she will not get rid of the tummy problems”. That convinced him, as he has a tremendous regard for Dr. Pousti. On that note, I took my husband to most consultations with me and bar none, he was most comfortable with Dr. Pousti.

I have read a lot of testimonials and I agree with all of them. “You are not just another person with Dr. Pousti and his staff”. When it is your time, you are his priority and post-op visits are no different. You are greeted with respect and dignity the minute you walk through his doors and that is QUALITY business if you ask me.

My surgery was quite lengthy (~6-7 hours) and I put all my faith and trust in Dr. Pousti. I can say that I was honestly NOT nervous, because number one it was him performing the surgery, and (no disrespect intended here Dr. Pousti) I knew I was going to be able to actually rest with a wonderful excuse and not have to be the one waiting on other people (you moms know what I am talking about).

I remember the day of my surgery as if it were yesterday. Dr. Pousti arrived and I was exhausted from getting things done the night before. With his calm and delicate demeanor, he wanted to assure his markings from the previous night and make sure they were “right on” and he said to me, “We’re on our way to a homerun” (I could relate as I love sports). I lay back down and his assistant, Michelle, came to walk me to the operation room (by the way, the whole Alvarado team is absolutely FABULOUS too). I walked in the surgery room and Dr. Pousti was all ready and focused with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. He and his staff guided me to lie down on the table and I remember music playing, that of Elton John. It was a real soothing effect (I thought this only happened in the movies). As Dr. Pousti held my hand, the anesthesiologist said, “Here comes your cocktail” and I believe I said, “Make it a double apple martini”, or else I really wanted one at that moment in time. The last words I said to Dr. Pousti is, “You look double” and I was out for the count!

Following, I awoke to a wonderful kind and loving lady named Julie. She is the owner of a Recovery Retreat home called The Hide Away in La Mesa, California. She assured me everything went very well and I knew she was the one to transport me to her center (my aunt and husband also were there). I don’t remember much except waking up in a beautiful serene room lit with scented candles, beautiful décor and a nurse that was so sweet and there for my every need. Staying at The Hide Away was of course wonderful for me, but it truly took the pressure off my family for the first and most difficult 24 hour recuperation period (brochures are available at Dr. Pousti’s office). I went home a little over 24 hours later, but if money had not been an issue, I would have stayed at least three more days.

I am only 3 weeks out of surgery and love what I see and results are just going to get better as the swelling continues to diminish. My kids ask me, “Can you play with your tummy anymore” (I used to take the extra skin and pull on it and make light of it), but I tell them, I can’t do that anymore. I look forward to wearing my clothes the way they should fit, wearing a bathing suit and most of all just feeling more like a ‘real’ woman again.

Lastly, I always received comments like, “You don’t need it, you look wonderful just the way you are”, and “You should be proud of the way you look for having 4 children”. To these comments, I say, I am proud of who I am and what I look like, but no one understands until they are in your shoes, looking at a body, naked, and feel the emotions you do about what you look like. The point is, do it for you! Yes your husband or significant other will reap some benefits, but you have to do it for you and your self-esteem, at least that is why I did.

So as I started, I will also finish by saying, bar none, Dr. Pousti and his staff is the best around. He didn’t care about anything else but meeting my expectations and making my husband and me feel the utmost comfortable through and through.

You are with the best and as my husband would put it, “If it’s not the best, my wife won’t go for it”. And that I did.

Dr. Pousti-Thank you from my heart and soul for all you are!

A very happy patient,


La Mesa, Ca

Breast Reduction/ Tummy Tuck:

On Sept, 19, 2005, I had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck. I opted to have both done at the same time, which I’m very glad I did. 2 years before the procedure, I interviewed about 5-6 doctors in San Diego County. As I was about to make a decision, the money was not available as we had first thought. So I put my plans on hold. In July/Aug, 2005, our situation turned around, and I went back to looking for a doctor. I went back to the first doctor I interviewed. Dr. Pousti, and didn’t need to look any further.

Dr. Pousti stood out above the rest for the following reasons:

1. He took time with me, as a patient.

2. He has a very easy going, mild mannered personality…….calm! (Good for a surgeon)

3. He had good credentials

4. I read his testimonials and spoke with a couple of ladies separately (outside of the office), who also had work done by Dr. Pousti.

5. Even though I asked the doctor to do a few other little things while I was under, he told me it would put me at risk to be under anesthesia more than 5-6 hours.

6. His office is very organized

7. The staff is very pleasant, helpful and sensitive

8. He was the only doctor who was a carrier for my insurance, since my breast reduction was covered by my insurance.

Over the years, I exercised and dieted, but was not able to lose my tummy. I had 2 children by c-section, and at age 43 had a complete hysterectomy. Even though I have good skin tone, at age 53, and because of hormone changes, I just couldn’t tighten up the flabby skin from my belly through exercising and dieting. My clothes didn’t fit, anymore, and I felt physically older than I was mentally. Therefore, I opted for the surgery. My biggest concern was being nauseated from the anesthesia, however, during recovery, I was given a pill to counteract that. Pain was not a concern for me, since I have a high tolerance for it…..however, because of all the exercising I had done previously through the years, there was soreness but nothing that I couldn’t handle. The drains were annoying, but I wanted them left in as long as needed, to avoid any build up of fluid that might cause infection.

I had to leave one abdominal drain in for 3 weeks instead of the estimated 2 weeks. But it all worked out for the better. Now, after 5 months, post op, I can play tennis, ride my bike and work out much easier, and without the “load” in front of me. The best part is being able to button up any shirt, and have a flat stomach. I lost 10 pounds right after surgery, and now that some of the swelling is going down slowly, AND with more exercise and dieting, I expect to lose more weight and inches. My husband is soooo happy for me, and he says that I look and act so much younger than my 53 years.

Before the surgery, people were shocked at my age, but NOW, they are really shocked. They think I look 10 years younger!


My advice to anyone before a tummy tuck, is to exercise a few months or more before your surgery. You’ll need to use your leg muscles and back muscles after surgery…..ESPECIALLY, if you have breast suregery at the same time. After the tummy tuck, you have to walk hunched over, and that tires your back a bit. When the drains come out, you have more freedom to shower and move around.


(I would also HIGHLY recommend recovering at “the Hideaway” if you have both surgeries at the same time…..ask the staff for information).

Breast Augmentation/Breast lift/Tummy Tuck/Liposuction:

After years of dressing to camouflage my floppy breasts and saggy belly, and of having to exercise in long loose shirts and full support bras, and of pulling pillows up against my stomach when I was lying on my side (to hide the skin and flab beside me that was my constant sleeping companion), and of swatting away my partner’s hands when attempting to “caress” that part of my body – I finally decided to really do something about it. I had a tummy tuck, breast lift, breast enhancement, and some side liposuction. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I am and have always been very athletic – walking, swimming, hiking, crunches, pushups, etc., and yet while my muscles are and were taut… the skin over the muscles, that had originally held all of my extra weight (mostly my breasts and belly), just stayed there. Strange as it sounds, the more weight I lost (35 lbs recently, but years ago 65 lbs after pregnancy) the worse my front side looked. I was and am at my ideal weight, yet my breasts were flat and hung down without any real mass to them, and the skin on my belly skin was marred with stretch marks which extended both over and under my natural “waste” line. When wearing anything other than granny underwear, the underwear would simply roll under my belly and stay there. And, although this is kind of personal it probably applies to at least some of you considering the procedure, I had a pooch of fat over “that” area… the pubic hair area. Nothing I did could get rid of the skin, the scars, and the sagging that started at my breasts and continued down my front side.

On my first visit, Dr. Pousti asked then really listened to my requests. I knew what I wanted done. I wanted all of my loose skin and flab removed, and nice natural B cup breasts with the fullness in the bottom, not the top. I brought in pictures of the big No-Nos, such as those huge bulbous breasts sitting on top of chests looking like hard immobile rocks, and I brought in pictures of natural looking breasts (some of which were the “before” pictures in Dr. Pousti’s albums). I brought in pictures of women with flat stomachs. Dr. Pousti was very patient with me and explained everything about each procedure. He kindly suggested/insisted that I come in and talk with other patients who had undergone the same procedures. On several more visits, I came in and talked privately with other women who had been through the various procedures. Every single patient I talked to had nothing but good words for and about Dr. Pousti and every single patient was happy with their results. Every visit with Dr. Pousti and his staff was positive and personal, and I never, ever felt like just another patient nor a dollar sign.

The week before surgery I was very, very excited and very, very scared. Scared that I would come out a surgical nightmare… what if my breasts were too high, too fake looking or lopsided… what if I ended up with a horrid scars under my breasts or on my belly or had lumps of fat here and there that the doctor couldn’t get rid of… what if I got infections… what if I ended up with ugly puckers on the ends of the scars… what if the results of the surgery were such that I STILL had to hide my body while naked??? Two days before my surgery was scheduled I almost canceled. I was a mess and, well, I was a big-old-baby (or perhaps a different “B” word would be a more accurate description, depending on who you ask). However, the feelings passed and I had surgery as planned. I woke up and it was as if the good-fairy had waived her magic wand over me. I could not be happier, and none, not one, of my pre-surgery fears came to fruition.

I now have a perfect set of natural looking full size B breasts, a completely flat stomach and a belly button of perfection! I wear a bikini (in public), can wear low-rise pants and shorts with tank tops, and can tuck in my shirts without seeing the usual middle-aged mom “tri-fold” (you know, bulge from boobs followed by bulge above the belt, followed by bulge below the belt). I can look down and SEE my pubic area – even when sitting!!! Please feel free to look at the pictures on the web site (I’m in the bikini “after” shot), but keep in mind that the pictures alone can not tell you how much my self-esteem has changed, or how much I now enjoy putting clothes on, or how much I now enjoy looking in the mirror every morning, or how much I love not having to grab something to cover myself up when naked so no one would see my embarrassing body.

The only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing that I would say to any woman considering the procedure is to realize that as you are talking to those of us who have gone through the procedure and who are (all of us) giddy with our new bodies and boosted body image – is to remind us to tell you about the surgery itself and the recovery. The actual surgery is a breeze from the patient’s standpoint. Everyone at the surgery center is sweet as can be and understanding, and you really won’t remember much about the ride home. The next day, however, is a different story. When the meds wear off – holy cow – it hurts ferociously. (Take the pain meds before you feel the excruciating pain come back.) The first three weeks are very, very, very painful – more than I had expected. You have to sleep sitting up with pillows behind you and under your legs for the first two to three weeks, then you have to lay flat on your back for another few weeks. You can’t stand up completely straight for many weeks. You have to be helped to get out of bed for the first several days. You will have disgusting drainage tubes sticking out of you which can pinch and pull, and when the Dr. removes them, it really hurts bad! But, as with childbirth, you sort of forget about it because you have something so special and so fantastic that the pain fades from your memory. With childbirth you have the miracle of a new and beautiful baby. With Dr. Pousti’s surgery, you have the miracle of a new and beautiful body. It is well worth it, and the pain just passes from memory. Yes, the recovery is slow, slow, slow – but then you wake up one day and find you are back to normal. Two weeks ago (at 7 weeks post surgery) I still couldn’t completely stand up straight, couldn’t walk more than a few blocks, and was certain that I would never be back to participating in athletics. Then, during my 7th and 8th week I recovered so fast and so completely that just two days ago, at nine weeks post tummy-tuck, breast lift, breast enhancement and liposuction – I successfully completed an eight-mile mountain hike. I’m back to doing everything I was doing before surgery. So, if you have the tummy-tuck with or without other procedures – be patient, baby yourself for the first two months, relax and it will all fall into place – and you will be happier than you can imagine.

Oh. The only other downfall is that you will need new clothes. Bummer. You’ll have to shop for new pants and jeans. Tee shirts and spaghetti strap tops. Shorts without pleats. Bathing suits. You will have to donate your long and loose fitting shirts and your pleated trousers (as you will have nothing left to fill in those pleats anymore). You have to start borrowing clothes from your high school or college-age daughters or nieces. You may have to go to Victoria’s Secret. And (after a full 6 weeks, so don’t bother thinking you will even consider it before then), you will have to fend off copious amounts of attention that your husband or partner will shower you with. You will have to “suffer” through the daily compliments from co-workers, friends, family and strangers on the street, such as, “Have you lost weight?”, “Are you working out?”, “My god, you look great!”. Lastly, though loath to admit it… before my surgery, not in my craziest dreams would I have imagined that a rude cat-call from a construction worker (one, that had it been made toward my daughter, would have made me seethe with anger) would later secretly make me smile in awe that I actually somehow looked attractive enough to warrant such rude behavior!

Dr. Pousti is the best. His staff is the best. His work is the best. I never, ever felt like just another patient. His staff was professional and treated me with respect (which isn’t easy when you are standing naked in front of the doctor and staff, with all of the flab and skin that you have spent years trying to hide just hanging out for inspection). I never ever felt in any way that Dr. Pousti ever touched me in an inappropriate way, nor that my privacy was disrespected. I have come in for multiple post op visits and he spends as much time and consideration with me as with any of my pre-surgery visits. He is a truly kind and thoughtful person, as well as an awesome surgeon and artist. I strongly recommend Dr. Pousti, and would be happy to speak with or show you the results of his skill in reshaping this middle-aged mom’s body into a very nice figure.


San Diego, California

Dear Dr. Pousti,

I wanted to write this letter to thank you and let you know how much this surgery has changed my life. It has been nine weeks since the surgery and every day it gets better and better. I felt I needed to share my whole story with you, so that you can understand how much this experience has meant to me.

I got pregnant for the first time in 1993. I had always been thin and weighed 93lbs when I got pregnant. I gained over 100lbs during that pregnancy, a little more with my second son and inched up to 300lbs over the next 8 years.

At the end of 2001, I was fed up and decided to do something about my weight. I spent the next 5 years eating right and exercising and lost 145 pounds.

I was very happy at my new size. However, I had so much loose skin that I had to wear very long shirts and larger pants to hide the roll of skin that hung in front of me. I had worked so hard and still didn’t have the body I wanted. There was nothing more I could do with diet and exercise.

I decided that I deserved a Tummy Tuck and began looking for a doctor. I visited tons of web sites and spoke to friends who had had plastic surgery and chose to contact Dr. Pousti.

I came in for the consultation and was immediately comfortable with my choice. The office was beautiful, the staff was very kind and Dr. Pousti was wonderful. He took the time to speak with my husband and I, answering all of our questions and putting us at ease. I left completely trusting that my surgery would turn out fabulously!

The day of the surgery went smoothly and as expected. I followed the Doctor’s instructions and took the medication he prescribed. I was never in pain or disappointed for a minute. I could immediately see the difference, and every day I see even more improvement.

For the first time in 13 years, I was able to go to a store and pull a shirt off the rack without measuring the length. My body is not only normal size now, its also normal shape! My husband feels like we are sixteen again. He keeps telling people it’s like getting a whole new wife.

Thank you so much, Dr. Pousti. The results are better than I had hoped for and I am so grateful to you.



Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck):

I have been on a very long journey of weight loss and physical self improvement. After maintaining a 120 pound weight loss for 5 years, I had more than a little unwanted loose skin. I’ve dreamed of plastic surgery but never really thought it would be a reality for me.

Finally I was ready to start seriously considering it. I interviewed several doctors but none really fit for me. Then I found Dr. Pousti on the Internet. I set a consultation appointment for a tummy tuck with a guy I found on the internet. What was I thinking?!?! Anyway, I am so glad I found him. Dr. Pousti immediately made me feel comfortable. I was impressed at the genuine greetings from his staff as well as from Dr. Pousti himself.

Dr. Pousti introduced me to several of his post-op patients so I could ask questions and get answers from their perspective. At first I thought this was weird. These very nice ladies were just willing to show their “stuff” to a perfect stranger. After I got over myself, I found this to be very helpful in my efforts to learn more about my surgery.

My goals for surgery were a bit lofty and Dr. Pousti made that very clear. I wanted a full circumferential belt lipectomy, in one surgery. Dr. Pousti said no. I liked his conservative approach. My husband was very concerned about the idea of surgery and I explained this to Dr. Pousti. He said I needed to come back for another consultation and bring my husband with me. I did just that. Dr. Pousti was amazing with my husband. He took all the time we needed and answered every question in depth. He did not minimize our concerns and made us feel totally confident in his ability as a physician and surgeon. I knew that this was the man I wanted to operate on me. His caring demeanor and calmness were incredible.

Surgery day arrives and I was excited! I would no longer have this appendage hanging from my torso. Wooo Hooo! Then as I was waiting to go into the operating room, from out of no where comes this bundle of nerves and I started bawling. Oh my goodness, where did this come from? I couldn’t believe I was falling apart! I’d wanted this for so long. Dr. Pousti was right by my bedside and he saw that I was coming undone. He calmly, very calmly reassured me that my feelings were normal and that I would be okay. He had his assistant Michelle come and chat with me while I waited. She totally distracted me and I appreciated that so much. Then Dr. Pousti came in with music for me to listen to and help me calm down. Amazing! His bedside manner is simply the best.

Time for surgery. Dr. Pousti has this thing for not wanting his patients to get blood clots. Imagine! So he has this mantra that he keeps saying until you’re knocked out. “Flex your feet, flex your feet.” So I drifted off to sleep with Dr. Pousti holding my hand telling me I’m going to be okay and flexing my feet. What a way to go “out”!

I went to Julie Sinha’s Hideaway Recovery Retreat after my surgery. Julie is a very nice lady and her facility is top notch. Her staff was so caring and attentive. It was like being at a spa resort. They took such great care of me there. I was able to stay there for 3 nights which made it so much easier on my family.

It wasn’t until the day after my surgery that I questioned why I let Dr. Pousti do this to me!?!?!? The first day I was too looped to know what happened. The pain was a tad bit more than I’d imagined but not too bad. Every day it improved.

At every post-op visit I questioned Dr. Pousti as to whether or not I would ever stand up straight again. He assured me that I would, but by week 4 I was really beginning to wonder. At each visit Dr. Pousti and his staff were so great. They made me feel so welcome and were totally encouraging in my progress. Then it was my turn to show my “stuff” to perfect strangers. I was happy to oblige. If I can help someone else with my experience, I am delighted to do so.

I am now 8 weeks post op and feeling great. I am back to my old self, working out and able to ride my beloved bicycle. My tummy is so flat, I can’t even believe it. I have never had a flat tummy. I have a really cute belly button now too! This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Dr. Pousti did an amazing job.

After my experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff, I would (and have) highly recommend him to anyone. Hands down, the treatment provided was unbelievable.

An Incredibly Satisfied “Body by Pousti”

La Mesa, CA

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck):

I had surgery with Dr. Pousti 3 months ago and I could not be any happier with my results. From my consultation appointment to my 3 month follow up, I have been treated with the utmost care and kindness from Dr. Pousti and his staff. I had researched and met with several surgeons and I knew the moment I met with Dr. Pousti that he was the person I trusted to do my surgery. After having two kids, I had alot of loose skin on my stomach and all of the exercising I did would never change that. Dr. Pousti said that he believed that I would have excellent results from a tummy tuck and he was right! I never imagined that my stomach could be so flat!! This has been a life changing experience and I could not imagine having done this with any other doctor.

Thank you,


Corona , California

Breast Augmentation/Breast lift/Tummy Tuck:

Dr. Pousti,

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to you and your entire staff!

I am amazed how professional and helpful everyone in your office has been since day one when I called and began asking questions. I had called several surgeons, but even on the phone with their staff I felt like just a number. I knew immediately when I called your office that I was on the right track. The first time I met you I knew I was on my way to a new body. Everything from that point on went ever so smoothly….minus a little pain.

As a mother of two children, born by cesarean sections and who nursed a total combined time of four years, I was definitely in need of a “mommy makeover.” I was sagging and flabby and really down on myself. I seemed to have lost who I was as my body changed in a negative way due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I always thought how nice it would be to have a little tuck here and a lift there… Well, you and your team made my dream come true. I am extremely happy with the results of my tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation and nipple reduction. I feel like a whole new woman. I have a new sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and a zest for life now.

Thank you for an overall wonderful experience!


San Diego, California

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck):

For as long as I can remember, I have been self conscious about my body…primarily my stomach. I always felt that clothes didn’t look quite right on me because my pants always had that “roll” and my shirts always clung to “the other roll”. When I got pregnant, I was elated for the most obvious of reasons…but I was also excited to start growing my baby belly so I had a “reason” to have a large stomach!! When I came to that realization, I realized I had sunk pretty far in the self-esteem category. After going through weight loss and then gain over and over, my stomach had gotten quite significant and the skin had lost a lot of its ability to “bounce back”. I have also had 2 c-sections (which gave me two of the greatest loves of my life!!!), and had my gall bladder taken out. My abdominal area has been through the ringer!

After my daughter was born, I lost 50lbs. and decided that I wanted to have a tummy tuck done. My OB/GYN recommended Dr. Pousti to me and after my initial visit, I felt very comfortable with him. Dr. Pousti was very kind, but he was also very honest with me. I was trying to have realistic expectations of what the outcome would be…I knew I wasn’t at my “optimum” weight, but I was ready to go forward!! Dr. Pousti agreed to do the surgery for me and it was the best decision I have ever made in regards to my personal well-being.

After the surgery, the recovery was more than I had expected…I figured I would bounce back like a champ! However, I would say to anyone that asked, “YES! IT’S WORTH IT ALL!!!”. I feel so much more confident now, I love trying on clothes (especially shirts because they actually lay flat now!!!), and I now wear a bathing suit for the first time in 5 years!!

My husband has been so supportive of me throughout the whole procedure, and I know he loves the “new” me…because I feel so much better about myself! Dr. Pousti did more for me than I could have dreamed of and I can’t thank him enough for the wonderful job he did for me! The ladies in Dr. Pousti’s office are all incredible…very supportive, caring, and personable. All the ladies know me by name on the phone and in person (just about from day 1) and that personal touch helps make the whole process so much more comfortable.

Again, thank you Dr. Pousti, and all the ladies that work in your office. You have all changed my life for the better and I will always be thankful to you!

From the bottom of my heart, and from my incredible and wonderful family, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


La Mesa, California

Breast Augmentation/Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck):

I am a 40 year old mother of three children, from ages 18 to 2 years old. As much as I love my children, I have always resented the way my body has changed after each pregnancy. After nursing all 3, my body was ugly, saggy, stretched out and downright disgusting. I have always been very active, however, all the physical activity would never give me back my taught, lean torso!

When I was introduced to Dr. Pousti and his staff, I decided on that first visit that I wanted to have breast augmentation and tummy tuck. I didn’t need any liposuction, that told me it was all SAG!

Since I have had the procedure, life has changed dramatically. I LOVE MYSELF! I love that my husband can’t keep his hands off of me. I love that I don’t ignore myself when passing a mirror. I love that my clothes fit so perfectly. I love that my friends and family all see such a change, for the good, in me. I know this all sounds shallow, but trust me, I have never felt so good about myself!

Although the surgery itself was tough to recover from, alot of it due to the necessity of having to shorten my convalescent period, I have no regrets. I would recommend to anyone considering this type of life changing experience to go for it! I now have the body that I’ve always wanted. I wear a full C cup bra, and my torso is tight and flat. 3 1/2 months after surgery, I feel and look better than I ever have, thanks to Dr. Pousti and his wonderful staff.


San Diego, California

(From this patient’s husband)

When my wife first told me she wanted enhancement surgery, I told her that I fell in love and married her the way she is, that she looked fine and that I wanted to use the extra money we had to buy a new car. Well, after seeing and experiencing the results, the difference in my wife’s confidence when we go out, the energy it has put back in our love and everyday life…I have two things to say to Dr. Pousti- THANK YOU and my F-150 can wait!

Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)/Thigh lift/Belt lipectomy:

My name is Sylvia and my whole life I had been overweight. At my heaviest I weighed 300 pounds and I decided to have gastric bypass surgery. About one year after the surgery, I lost almost half of my weight at only 37 years old. I had excess skin to remove (a lot of it). I started looking for a plastic surgeon to help me –that’s when I found Dr. Pousti. I had my first consultation with Dr. Pousti on 11/24/03. He gave me information on a tummy tuck and made me feel comfortable and at ease with my decision. That was my first surgery with Dr. Pousti. About one year later, I returned for a belt lipectomy and lateral thigh lifts. I felt very comfortable with my second surgery and I knew I was in good hands. The morning of my surgery, I was very nervous at the surgery center but the staff was kind to me and made me feel safe. I am very pleased with the work that Dr. Pousti has done. He and his staff are great! I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone planning on having cosmetic surgery. I plan on returning for more cosmetic surgery with Dr. Pousti.

Thank you!


La Mesa, California

Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck:

Dr Pousti and office staff,

I just wanted to send an email off to the office to let you all know how happy I am and how wonderful the results of my surgery have been.

From the beginning, just making the appointment for the consultation with Dr., things just went so smoothly. The office staff were friendly and as I came in for my appointment, I was greeted with smiling friendly faces. They made me feel very comfortable, it was almost like they already knew me, like I was an old friend, even though I was a new patient. My consultation was very informative and comfortable. I had been visiting with other plastic surgeons, always with my husband, and had met with a few that were almost upset that my husband was there. Dr. Pousti, on the contrary to those other surgeons, was very friendly and warm and answered all of my and my husbands questions and concerns assuredly and professionally. We talked openly about the procedures we wanted and expectations of the surgery were understood. The experience was so positive and we both felt so relaxed in our choice with Dr. Pousti with his professionalism and knowledge, we scheduled the surgery the same day.

Although we had to change the surgery date from its originally scheduled date, Dr. called me at home on a Saturday afternoon to talk with me about having to reschedule. He was able to perform the procedures, a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, on the 29th of October at 11:00am. The staff at HealthSouth were great. Pre and post operatively, the nurses took very good care of me and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Rose, was a very sweet man. They all had wonderful things to say about Dr. Pousti.

Post operatively, my first memory is Dr. Pousti standing near to me telling me that everything went beautifully. In a line I have no idea where it came from, my response was, “Yes, but will you still love me tomorrow.” A line Dr. will never forget…. it still makes me smile just thinking about it. :) Again the nurses there were very attentative to my pain needs and helped answer any question my husband had. Everything was thouroughly discussed prior to my discharge from the surgical center and the directions were clear.

We had the pain medication filled prior to surgery, as was directed, and the pain was nicely controlled by the medications prescribed.

As the weeks seemed to fly by, each post operative appointment was met, the results of Dr. Pousti’s surgical expertise became more and more evident. As with my first consultations, the staff were wonderful and helpful. Dr.’s professionalism and warmth were there each and every time.

I remember the first time I really looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I was looking at. The breasts that were once uneven and flat, after years of being overweight and breast feeding, were now better than they ever were as a teenager, and then some! The stomach that was once hanging and in the way, was completely gone. I had a flat stomach for the first time ever! I couldn’t stop saying “WOW!” My husband was almost in tears because he saw how happy I was…finally.

I am now at about 6 weeks post operative and I feel really good. I have “shown” family and friends and all are very impressed with the results and Dr. Pousti’s work. I couldn’t be happier with the work that Dr. has done and the professionalism he and his entire staff have showered me and each one of their patients.

Thank you Dr. Pousti for all your professionalism, attention, smiles, and having such an awesome staff there to help you help your patients! If I should decide that I need anything else, you will be the one I turn to. As friends and family ask, your name will be the one I gleefully and confidently give to each and every one of them.

Happiest of Holiday Greetings and May 2005 Be Wonderful!


Temecula, California

Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)/Breast Lift/Breast Augmentation:

WOW! I don’t even know where to start.

So, after having kids and yo-yo dieting for the last eight years my body had been put though the ringer, so to speak. I wanted to have my pre-baby body back. Say that three times, fast! The only way for me to achieve this was with a tummy tuck, breast lift, and small implants. Exercise and diet was not helping, well maybe a little but stretched skin does not go away. My husband and I have been talking about me getting these procedures done for a couple of years. I just wanted to look as beautiful and sexy as he made me feel. So, I finally started researching doctors. I did a lot of searching online. Some of the referrals I got from friends, and some I found myself, one of which was Dr. Pousti. We went on many consultations, prior to meeting Dr. Pousti, they made me so nervous I was so worried that they would tell me I still needed to lose weight and I was already so self conscious that the last thing I needed to hear was that I should lose more weight.

He was my FINAL consultation. He is so genuine and he made me feel so comfortable, well, as comfortable as I could be with all my rolls hanging out. You know what I am talking about, the extra rolls of you stomach, that hit your thighs when you sit down to go to the bathroom, yeah those rolls! Skin touching skin on your own body, not pleasant! I was not nervous at all, when you go to his office for a consult you get to see other post-op patients and their new look, so you feel more at ease. He answered all my questions with even more detail than other doctors had.

All the girls in the office are awesome and so welcoming, I knew when I left that this was the doctor that was going to make me look as sexy as I felt! Dr. Pousti had one of the office girls call a patient that had just had the same exact surgery that I wanted. I was able to talk with her on the phone, which was also very helpful in making my decision. I followed her though her recovery and that was it for me, she looked absolutely amazing, and I thought, that is going to be me. Of course, with any surgery, you have concerns, yeah this was going to be a little stressful on my body. Childbirth was no walk in the park. I was so ready to replace the excess skin with scars. It was a trade I was willing to make. I went to the office the night before my surgery to be all marked up and ready for the BIG DAY! That’s fun, NOT! Having all your sagginess lifted and measured to be drawn on, very cute! It was all good, though, at this time the next day it would ALL be gone and I would be on the road to recovery. I was excited, not nervous, yet! I had been so excited leading up to my surgery that I thought I would not get scared, but the morning of my surgery a little nervousness set in, okay, a lot. Dr. Pousti came in as calm and collected as always, checked all my markings, assured me he would take good care of me. And, that he did! I laid down on the table and Michelle, his assistant, put some music of my choice on, Dr. Pousti was holding my hand and making sure that as I feel asleep I was in a happy place! Because at this point I could have run out of the surgical room and I think he could see that in my face. He told me to think happy thoughts and the next thing I knew I was in the recovery area and Julie from the Hideaway was there to pick me up. I strongly recommend if you can, stay 1-2 nights at her place it is the best choice I made, they cater completely to you. They showed my husband and me how to take care of everything so when we got home we would know what to do.

That evening at the Hideaway, Dr. Pousti came by to see how I was doing. I thought that was nice.

My recovery went well. I was honestly not in excruciating pain, the first few days were a little rough but I would do it all again in a minute. I think I expected the worst pain and when it was not what I thought, I was good to go. Yeah, it was uncomfortable at times but completely manageable.

I am now about 3 months post-op and feeling great! Loving my new body and my husband is pretty happy, too! If you’re still looking for a doctor, STOP, look no more, you will not find a better doctor out there, trust me, I looked.

Good luck and enjoy your “BODY BY POUSTI” I know I am.


~Murrieta, California

Tummy Tuck:

I was very thin and young when I had my first 10 lb son. Three more where to follow. I always lost my baby weight after pregnancy and always worked out. But no matter what I did, I still had that sagging extra skin on my abdomen. It was so bad that I couldn’t even wear a 1 piece as the skin would hang down out the bottom. Needless to say, I hid my naked body for 23 years.

I had 2 other consultations before my first contact with Dr. Pousti’s office and wonderful staff. During my first phone call to the office, all my questions were answered and I felt very comfortable and anxious for my consultation.

Myself and my husband met with Dr. P. and right away knew he was the right Doctor. I was very nervous about the surgery itself and the recovery time. I was also worried about the scarring.

Well to get to the good stuff. It has been nearly 12 weeks and I am a new woman! I am always starring at myself in the mirror in disbelief. My 13 year old is bummed my stomach is flatter then hers now. It’s hard to put into words the weight that is lifted off my shoulders. I remember for the last 23 years not a single day went by that I didn’t wake up wondering what to wear to hide my stomach today. Now I wake up excited to play “Dress Up”. I wear belly tops and low rise jeans. My husband can’t believe how, ummm uninhibited I am now. (Lucky Man)

I am so very happy I did this for MYSELF. I only wish I had done it sooner. Not only did Dr. P. get rid of my icky skin and almost all my stretch marks, he sculpted the sides of my waist (Unexpected to me) so perfectly that now my torso seems longer. I love my new body. I just need to be a good girl and do my part and get in the best shape I have ever been in. Oh yes, also the wonderful tightening of the tummy muscles. I didn’t realize that during a TT Dr. P. repairs your muscles also. So just like magic, you have a six pack. Thank you Dr. P. and your staff. I had a wonderful experience thanks to all of you.

Only 1 last thought. Yes the recovery time is long and hard but truly every bit worth it.

Thank you again!


Murrieta, California

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck):

Jump Start!!

I am a 46 year old woman who has had 3 children. Last year I had a tummy tuck by Dr. Pousti and it has changed the way I feel about myself. Before my surgery, I looked like an overweight woman that had lost a lot of weight. I had a lot of loose, saggy, stretched out skin that just hung there. Oh yeah, I looked great with clothes on but when they came off, I would stand in front of the mirror and say to myself “all of this skin needs to be cut off”!

I started investigating about tummy tucks on the Internet and even went o my family doctor to talk about it. I found Dr. Pousti on the internet and made an appointment to attend one of his seminars with my husban. Dr. Pousti and Margie explained everything in detail. They also had patients that had the same surgery talk about their experience. I knew the moment we left the seminar that Dr. Pousti was the doctor for me. His presentation answered all of my questions and I felt comfortable with him. I called the office and made an appointment. Everyone in the office was really nice. The day of my surgery came and I was ready to go. I felt no pain after the surgery just as Dr. Pousti had told me. Dr. Pousti explained everything in detail. Everything happened just as Dr. Pousti had explained. However, I did have one minor complication. My incision started to plit in the middle. It really worried me so I immediately called Dr. Pousti. He told me to come in the very next day to take care of it. One of the things i like the most about Dr. Pousti is that he always makes time for you whenever you need him.

Overall, I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Before surgery I weighed 147 lbs and was a size 8 — one year later, I weigh 131 lbs and am a size 4. It is amazing! Oh, and I am now running 20 miles a week and I love it!!


Murrieta, California

Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)/Thigh lift:

My father’s family was plagued by the “obesity gene”. He was one of eleven children, half of whom were always seriously obese. Dad was a twin and he and his brother rarely weighed less than three hundred pounds each.

I had life-saving surgery on my eleventh birthday, at which time I weighed eighty pounds. By age twelve it was one hundred sixth pounds, and it never stopped. There have been three times in my life that I have weighed less than two hundred pounds.

I have experienced every diet on the market over the years, and every one of them worked for me – I always lost weight. The last one was a hospital-conducted program of liquid protein on which I lost over one hundred pounds (I made it to one hundred ninety eight pounds – the last time under two hundred!).

I was very committed to making that one work and having programmed in a forty pound weight regain I moved into life as a svelte man of great energy and agility. I radically altered what, when and how I ate and never returned to my former eating habits. It was a serious shock when two years later I had regained the one hundred pounds surrendered to the weight loss program, along with an additional one hundred pounds!

I was at four hundred forty pounds when I learned about bariatric surgery – permanent stomach reduction. My sister (a skeptical and obese nurse) had researched the procedure and recommended it to me – having secretly undergone the surgery some months earlier.

I entered the process of preparation for the surgery (as did my son at six hundred seventy pounds, and my daughter at four hundred pounds). Each of us have had successful surgery and all of us have had the resultant effects to our bodies – loose, floppy skin (on abdomen and thigh particularly) – several pounds worth of very much unneeded skin!

Enter Dr Tom Pousti. I was introduced to Dr Pousti by the lady my son was to marry (herself a recovered bariatric patient and nurse who had worked with him and other surgeons in bariatric recovery). I made an initial appointment to see what was required for the repair of my post-op body.

Dr Pousti and his staff proved to be unusually qualified, extremely helpful, very friendly, and non-judgmental in their demeanor toward me and my self-perceived “ugliness” of flesh. None of them pressured me to have the surgery – they simply explained the process and answered my many questions.

Well, the good doctor removed some thirty pounds of hanging skin from my abdominal area on one early morning, and the next day I was home in recovery which was quite uneventful. What a shock! I had to buy clothes that fit! Six months later Dr Pousti removed some six pounds of skin from my thighs, the recovery from which was also uneventful. I have now completed the entire procedure right up to having the “after” pictures taken for the files (you may have seen them).

I miss visiting the good doctor and his staff on a regular basis, but I will never forget what they have meant to me and to my family over these several months. They will be my friends forever and I will not hesitate to recommend them for anything Dr Pousti and his folk might recommend.


The Reverend C.H.

Carlsbad, California

Tummy Tuck:

Dear Dr. Murphy,

After my gastric bypass, I lost so much weight and looked so much better, I decided to have a tummy tuck. I am so pleased to have a smooth, flat belly for the first time in my life. Thank you fo much for referring me to Dr. Tom Pousti, who performed the surgery in San Diego. His team was very professional and caring and my results are fantastic. It has been a month since the tummy tuck and I am fully recovered and even working out at the gym again. I can’t thank you both enough for the positive changes you have made in my life.


Murrieta, California

Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)/Arm lift/Thigh lift/Breast Lift/Breast Augmentation:

Life’s Changes

It’s an interesting and new feeling being one of the luckiest and happiest people I know. With all of the changes I’ve gone through during the last couple of years this is just something I’ll have to get used to. Fortunately for me, Dr. Pousti has been a huge part of making this possible.

In October of 2000, I underwent a gastric bypass surgery with Dr. George Zorn at the Pacific Bariatric Surgery Medical Center in San Diego California. I’m happy to say I’ve lost over 180 pounds and have experienced great improvement in my health and general happiness. Unfortunately, not all the damage to my body could be solved by weight loss alone. I was left with huge amounts of excess skin which I needed and wanted to have removed. After talking with Dr. Zorn, and expressing my concern, he suggested I meet with Dr. Tom Pousti, a very talented reconstructive surgeon in the area who was experienced in dealing with cases such as my own. He also introduced me to one of Dr. Pousti’s patients who’d recently undergone one of the surgeries I needed. Not only was she full of information, she took the time to show me the work Dr. Pousti had done for her. I was very impressed to say the least.

My consultation with Dr. Pousti was amazing. His office and office staff was warm and welcoming and friendly. The time he had scheduled for me was exactly that, mine. There was no rushing through questions or answers, unlike countless consultations I’d experienced with other surgeons. It actually took me a while to realize he was in no hurry, he was there, for me, and in no rush to have me leave. I felt very comfortable, very important and quite unique. Not only did Dr. Pousti answer all of the questions I had about what would be happening with me, but he happily answered questions I had about him and informed me of things I’d never thought about. He went through photos of procedures he had performed offering suggestions and insight. He didn’t offer any miracles; he was honest and realistic in what we would be able to accomplish. I appreciated this because I needed to trust and feel comfortable with someone who would be taking my life in his hands. I have to admit, as I was leaving Dr. Pousti’s office, I had a feeling this was the person who would be helping me to change my life.

Living out of the area, Dr. Pousti made a point of letting me know I could contact him with any questions or concerns, either by phone or e-mail and I could see him as often as necessary. After doing extensive research on reconstructive surgeons, and the surgeries themselves, on line as well as in person, I’d made my choice.

I’ve since undergone four procedures with Dr. Pousti, so far, a bilateral arm lift, bilateral thigh lift, breast lift with augmentation and a panniculectomy, all at the Grossmont Plaza Surgery Center. That has also has been a wonderful experience, full of kind, caring and professional people. His choice of colleagues has been a pleasure and gift.

I’m still a work in progress and am looking forward to my next surgery, and I can think of no other surgeon with whom I would feel comfortable, or trust with this body of mine. My incisions have healed and are healing beautifully and look better one month out of surgery than many photos I’ve seen of patients of other surgeons several months out. I honestly believe it will be difficult to see signs of scaring as the months pass. Friends and family are truly amazed at my progress and during my checkups to his office, I’ve been proud to show prospective patients of Dr. Pousti the work he has performed.

Throughout my entire experience with Dr. Pousti, I feel that his number one concern has been for my health, happiness and satisfaction. I feel as though we’ve been more of a team than just a surgeon and his patient. Not only has he been a most excellent surgeon and a kind and honorable man, but he has been a wonderfully amazing artist, changing the life of a very grateful, beautiful me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Pousti, from the bottom of my heart!


Reno, Nevada

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck):

After three kids and many years of being self conscious about my abdominal. I was very unhappy about the way I looked. There would be no way I could wear a swim suit! I no longer felt sexy in my clothes. I decided to look into plastic surgery. I did four months of daily research on Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) as well as finding a great plastic surgeon… I wanted the best Dr I could find. I was not going to spare any cost on my life. I wanted to know all the possible risks. I wanted to know I was going to be safe and in good hands. I didn’t want any surprises. I looked into all the possible complications…Since I had a lot of stretch marks my biggest concern was necrosis, death of tissue cause by insufficient oxygen. The risk of necrosis is bearly there. Smoking can make the risk of necrosis increases dramatically. Luckily for me I’m not a smoker. Scaring was not an issue for me. I would rather have a scar I can hide under my lingerie then the fat, loose, ugly hanging skin that I could not hide. The scar will heal, fade and flatten in time. So after months of searching I found Dr Pousti he was a little far from my home but I wanted the best. I following all of Dr Pousti’s orders. I didn’t want any secondary infections. At my consultation with Dr Pousti he made me comfortable he took his time, he answered all my many questions. His staff was very kind and friendly. I knew I would be safe with a plastic surgeon that is double board certified. The worst part of surgery for me was the waiting for the big date and the not knowing how bad the recovery pain will be… If any question came to mind, I could call the office and they where happy to answer my question … The day of surgery they eased my mind. I wasn’t scared going in one bit. I knew I was in good hands. The first 24 hours was the hardest for me. I didn’t have any pain thank God. I had a pain pump and pain pills that I took on time and didn’t wait to see if any pain would kick in. I did have tightness due to the muscle repair I had, but no pain. I was off my pain pills at day four. Dr Pousti made sure I would not be uncomfortable. Dr Pousti recommend I stay in an after care center called Julie’s Hideaway its about 5 min’s away from the surgery facility. At the Hideaway I was spoiled. They took very good care of me as well as my husband. Dr Pousti even made a house call to me at the hideaway which was very comforting to me knowing I didn’t have to make a trip to his office so soon. Other than having a back ache my recovery has been great, very easy. My results are remarkable. I would do it again tomorrow. Repeat! I can’t believe how easy my recovery has been. I don’t know why I didn’t do this along time ago. My confidence is high. I feel sexy again. I looked good in anything I wear. Everyone says I looked absolutely fabulous. And lets not forget about my tiny cute belly button. Not to mention I have a waist again. This is a great feeling! I have my body back again after many, many years! Dr Pousti you are one incredible man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dr Pousti, Margie, Angela, Vanessa and Staff you are the greatest! Thank you for caring about me. I will never forget any of you. I will be back for future procedures you can count on that.


Gina from Riverside California

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck):

Dr. Pousti and staff,

I am so happy that I came into your office. I had recommendations for 3 doctors, had appointments, went to go see them but didn’t like any of them. I found you on the internet, made my appointment, came in and felt so welcomed by your staff. You were so nice that I knew exactly who I wanted for my plastic surgeon — YOU!

I had a wonderful experience with you, your staff and the surgery center. I look so much better in my clothes (new ones!). I feel so much better — physically and mentally. Thanks to you and your entire staff!!


San Diego, California

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck):

The following is my testimonial regarding my tummy tuck experience performed by Dr. Pousti. I never knew my childhood fantasy could be a reality.

Ever since I was young, I have battled my weight. I can vividly recall stepping on the scale during a class assignment in fifth grade and weighing a whopping 175 lbs!! I knew, very young, that I was fat. To make matters worse, I carried most of my weight in my stomach region. Clothes neer fit, I was constantly tired and my physical appearance left much to be desired — to say the least.

When I turned 13, I really began focusing on my big belly. I would often grab handfuls of my excess skin and fat and fatasize that I could cut it off! I was literally plagued by my appearance and limited, physically, by the excess skin and fat.

Several years ago, I had my first child (c-section). The pregnancy, high weight gain, abdominal muscle stretching, and subsequent c-section took a major toll on my body. My stomach was officially pendulous. Three years later, I had another child, which only made the appearance of my hanging belly all the more pronounced. Needless to say, I was tired of it. I was ready to make a drastic change; a change for the better. I decided to have a tummy tuck to correct a lifetime of discomfort, embarrassment and inconvenience.

I did my homework. I researched top plastic surgeons all over the country. I knew for me they had to be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. It was important to me that I felt good rapport with the doctor as well. I was pleased and blessed to find Dr. Pousti. Not only was his office relatvely close to where I live, but he is DOUBLE Board Certified and very personable. PLUS, his entire staff is very pleasant and helpful.

Overall, I am ecstatis with my results. It is difficult for me to imagine my life before this procedure. I have increased confidence, more energy and I am no longer inhibited by my excess skin and fat.


If you would like to speak with me regarding my experience, please feel free to leave your information with the office staff and they can contact me. It will be my pleasure to speak with you!


Murrieta, California

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck):

I am very pleased with the results on my tummy tuck. My clothes fit so much better, and I feel better than I did before the surgery; I would definitely do it again.

Thank you for a job well done, you are the best.


Upland, California

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Breast Augmentation, Matopexy:

I initially came across Dr. Pousti’s name on one of the many plastic surgery forums and the more sites I visited, the more his name camp up. Not only were the pictures documenting his patient’s results spectacular, but the reviews and testimonials of the care received convinced me that I had to at least meet for a consultation.

During my consultation, I knew that this was going to be my surgeon. Dr. Pousti has a demeanor that instantly puts you at ease. All of my questions were answered and concerns addressed, but more importantly Dr. Pousti gave me the confidence that the results I was looking for was achievable. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, in this instance, it is everything AND in this office, not only do you see pictures-you meet with actual patients! For me, this practice is invaluable; I had the opportunity to ask questions and hear about experiences firsthand. Needless to say I left with my surgery date scheduled.

My results are better than I ever hoped for. When I look at the pictures that I brought to Dr. Pousti as examples of what I wanted to achieve I am satisfied beyond words-his skill as a surgeon and aesthetic eye for beauty gave me exactly what I envisioned. There may be other surgeons capable of providing similar results, but I doubt that they have the personable qualities as Dr. Pousti. He is one of the kindest, gentlest, honest Doctors that I have had the pleasure to meet. In a word “Genuine”. His office goes above and beyond to ensure his patient’s comfort, both physically and emotionally. The quality of care and the personal attention that I have received throughout my transformation (and yes, it had been a transformation) is too numerous to address here.

If you are considering plastic surgery, please do yourself the favor of meeting with Dr. Pousti and his team. It is one of the best decisions I have made, everyday I look in the mirror and absolutely love what I see.




I came in to see Dr Pousti , for a Mommy Makeover. Having 3 kids all weighing over 9lbs; really took a toll on my body.  I would find myself exercising, and not losing my belly.  It was very frustrating. The day I came in for my consultation, I was immediately welcomed by his wonderful staff.  I really felt like I belonged there.  After meeting with the Doctor, My husband and I knew he was the one.  Dr. Pousti really listened to my concerns, and answered all of my husbands and my questions. (There were a lot of them.) The best thing about his office was the fact that I got to meet and talk to all kinds of patients that had the same things done.  We decided that I was going to have a breast lift with implants, and I full tummy tuck; which goes all the way around to my backside, to get rid of my muffin top. The day of the surgery came quick, and I was very scared. Dr. Pousti and the hospital staff were there letting me know everything was going to be OK. I felt so much better. The surgery was 6 hrs long and it went smoothly. The first week was very painful, and I don’t remember too much about it; other than it hurt. The time flew by very fast, and by the 6th day I didn’t need any more pain meds.  I am now 8 weeks out, and I not only feel amazing; but I look amazing as well.  I look forward to my appointments at his office. His staff is so warm and caring.  Dr Pousti did an amazing job on me. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. He is truly a gifted surgeon; A real artist. He has raised my confidence so much. I would recommend him to anybody. I feel very blessed to have had Dr Pousti to perform my surgery.


San Diego, CA


Its been a year since my mommy makeover; and I couldn’t be happier with my body. I look and feel great. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon. A few months ago; Dr. Pousti noticed I had a small leak in my left breast.(It was actually a blessing in disguise.) He went in, fixed it, and made them fuller. :) Because I had a breast lift during my first surgery; I couldn’t go as full as I wanted without putting my healing at risk. (That’s why it was a blessing in disguise.) Needless to say; my boobs now look perfect. Plus the healing time was a piece of cake!!! I love my DR. and his staff. It may sound funny; but it’s true. The whole staff is very friendly and has always set the tone by providing a welcoming and comfortable environment. I always look forward to my appointments. I can’t thank Dr. Pousti enough for what he has done for me. He’s amazing. I feel BEAUTIFUL; and I haven’t felt this way in a long, long time.

Thank You ,

R.H xxx


After having 3 pregnancies and 2 sets of twins as a surrogate mother, I had really put my body through the ringer. My stomach was full of stretch marks, I had a hernia, and my abdominal wall had been stretched beyond the natural limits. I had lost all the weight I had gained from the pregnancies however my stomach always looked like I was pregnant. I tried every workout, and diet and nothing worked, so I finally admitted to myself that surgery was the only way. Being in the medical field myself (OB/GYN) I was confident that I knew what I was looking for in a surgeon. After my husband and I met with Dr. Pousti I knew he was perfect. The minute I walked into the office I was greeted by his amazing staff, and I was called back before I even finished my paperwork.  The entire time I was in his office for my consult I was either with his nurses or Dr. Pousti himself. He took the time to answer all my questions and I never felt rushed. During my physical consult I was very comfortable and he was very reassuring on the results that I wanted. I also loved the fact he didn’t try to sell me on other procedures that I didn’t ask for, or try to recommend other changes. I also got to meet with 3 other patients after their procedures and talk to them about their experiences which were all great.

I had the extended tummy tuck with lipo on my back to give me my curve back.  The day of my procedure Dr. Pousti showed up on time, which if anyone knows that’s rare of some doctors, and asked if I had any questions and kept me completely eased. The surgery went great without any complications, and after my nurse, that his office suggested, took me back to my hotel room and gave my mom clear instructions and graphs of how to take care of me from positions to my medications. I am now 8 weeks post-op from my surgery and have bought my first swim suit in years, and even enjoyed the shopping trip. I now love to get dressed in the morning, and have all my self confidence back.  Each day I wake up so happy that I made the decision to have the surgery and have Dr. Pousti as my doctor. I love him and everyone at his office they have taken such great care of me during the whole recovery process. They even called me regularly (including weekends) to check on me. I can honestly say the Dr. Pousti has changed my life.